fedora problems with vivaldi

  • I installed fedora lately, I'm happy with it, everything works fine and I got all my stuff works fine.
    except my web browser! .. where I spend most of my time!
    GIFs, Videos on twitter and some videos on the web aren't working at all!
    It's working on Chrome but not on Vivaldi!
    I searched a lot trying to fix it, I got flash installed and It's latest version!
    yet I can't fix these Issues 😕

  • Moderator

    You have not the correct video codecs.
    Install them please.

    Or your hardware cant not display accellerated video decode.
    Let us see the first section from output of vivaldi://gpu

  • Gwen-Dragon's advice worked for me! I went to the first github link (above), copied the latest-proprietary-media.sh script to a local directory and executed it from my account (not root) with no problems. After re-starting Vivaldi and checking the link where the test videos live (you get a reminder with the link when the script completes) the sites that had not worked for me before do now.

    Of course, I still hate auto-start videos... 😉

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