Xorg mouse settings are not accepted by Vivaldi

  • I have just changed my mouse. The new one I bought (Thinkpad Laser Bluetooth Mouse) has oddly defined buttons so, to get tilt wheel scrolling working in KDE I have to redefine the button-map using i.e. xinput command.

    While the new definition works fine with firefox, thunderbird and almost all the KDE and GNOME software it does not work with Vivaldi. Left-right scroll is only possible using shift + up/down-wheel.

    In Vivaldi redefinition of the buttons 8 and 9 (my mouse tilt buttons) made by xinput changes theirs default behavior (back in history / forward in history) so now the buttons do nothing.
    Similar problem is observed in Opera and Chrome.

    Are there any way to hack the Vivaldi to accept Xorg mouse button mapping definition?


  • After some research I have found that the behavior has changed in Chromium around 48/49 update. It now uses Xinput2 method instead of Xinput.
    The issue is reported and some solutions are suggested here: https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=582547

    I got both horizontal and vertical scroll working on any other not Chromium based apps. Even GTK3 ones.

    xinput set-button-map "ThinkPad Bluetooth Laser Mouse" "1 2 3 4 5 0 0 6 7"

    works everywhere except Chromium/Chrome/Vivaldi/Opera

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