Lazy load - uncheck but still lazy? why?

  • Re: Why no background tab load?

    Hello, I want to open Vivaldi and restore my tabs from the last session, it works sometimes, it doesn't remember it always, I tried to close Vivaldi before restart and Restart and auto-close Vivaldi, no steady logic. Always missing my tabs and Ctrl+Shift+T doesn't load my pages.

    Anyways, when I load my session from anywhere, Saved Tabs or something else, I have unchecked Lazy Load on startup, but it still Lazy-loading tabs, please check why it's doing it.

    Opera has the best option for this, I hope Vivaldi can make the same, remember TABS from the session and Load them without LazyLoad - two bugs exist, work not as user expecting, not in every condition, not clear behavior.

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