This is the ONLY thing that keeps me from ...

  • I just taught about sharing an idea that came across my mind a few days ago (and because work today is totally boring).

    As I find it difficult to feed my piggy bank to make my next vacation a bit more pleasant by increasing the pocket money I'll take with me - I thought about what I could use as a trigger event so I get a constant reminder to throw some money at my piggy bank (actually it is an elephant but I guess elephanty bank sounds a bit too stupid xD ).

    So I ended up with a modification of a drinking game: Every time I come across a post that has something like the title of this thread in it - I'll feed my elephant 5€.
    Works fine so far - project Save the Elephant already gathered 35 bugs in 3 days so as a result I can do nothing but recommend my absolutely genius system to increase your savings. ; )

    Or are there any other good ideas out there to get me motivated to save up more money for my vacation? (The thing is I need to speed this up because my trip starts at the end of September)

    EDIT: My working colleague just suggested to reread the feature request thread but I'll guess putting all my money from my bank account into the elephant doesn't really solve my problem xD


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