Feature Request: Link between Bookmarks and Speed Dial links

  • Hey guys,

    i really like the Bookmarks Panel as well as the speed dial.

    But i noticed, that the two are not linked:

    I set up my Speed Dial Links and Folders by dragging and dropping the desired Bookmarks from the Bookmark Panel to the Speed Dial.

    However, when i make changes to either the Bookmark or the Speed Dial Link, the other does not get updated. This results in the following process for changing both:

    1. Change Link in BM Panel
    2. Identify Link Copy in Speed Dial and delete it
    3. Drag & Drop the updated Link into the Speed Dial

    Since this happens more often than i thought, maybe it would be nice to have a "link link" (sorry 😉 ) checkbox for the two on the speed dial:

    • Drag a link from the BM Panel to the Speed Dial --> "link link" checkbox is checked and changes to one will lead to updates on the other (not sure how this would extend to deleting stuff though)
    • Create a manual entry in the Speed Dial --> "link link" checkbox unchecked

    Thanks for making this great browser and listening to the community for feedback ^_^


  • Your speed dial is nothing but a designated folder in your bookmarks. Every change you make, be it order, name, address, etc., can be seen everywhere -- panel, speed dial and bookmarks site.

  • Hey luetage,

    thanks for the comment - you are absolutely right, i forgot to go into that.

    The thing is, that i keep my main BM collection in a separate folder tree as i have a lot of bookmarks around different topics.

    I use the speed dial as a quick access to the most used entries of the different subtopics.
    That is why only a subset of all the bookmarks are displayed in the Speed Dial. Otherwise the "speed" in speed dial would suffer and displaying every BM would defeat its purpose.

    But maybe i am still overlooking a better way of using existing functionality - absolutely possible 😉

  • So your problem is that you use copies of existing bookmarks, which you put in a folder designated as speed dial folder. And now you wonder why editing the "original" or the "copy", doesn't change the other one?
    If so that's because they are two different entities. Editing one specific bookmark cannot change another.

    I believe I understand what you want, and yeah, it's a feature request. But you should put it up in the feature request thread, topics might be ignored.


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