Elements disappear by clicking on it at extreme-down.one

  • Hello everyone,

    Since I switched to Vivaldi, I noticed an amusing bug on
    !!! https://www.extreme-down.one (MAY contain redirect bad links) !!!

    Every link is a trap ! By clicking on them, the entire link (text or image) disappear.
    The only way to reach the following pages is to open in a new tab with right click ONLY, the Ctrl + click shortcut doesn't work.
    I don't know if this bug exists on others platform (Mac and Linux) but i've tested in Chrome browser and it work.
    Can you fix this Vivaldi please ?1_1501747779982_before.png 0_1501747779981_after.png

  • @sebamaciolek I don't have such problems on this site, maybe try without extensions enabled. I'm on osx, but this should be platform independent.

  • There appears to be more going on at this site than meets the eye. When I visited the site with Vivaldi 1.10.867.48 (Stable channel, 64-bit) on Win10 Pro, the first movie link (Fast and Furious) I clicked on redirected to a full-frontal porn site. Backing out of that, all subsequent clicks on links at the site went directly to their linked pages as they should - including the Fast and Furious link. Either the site itself is malicious, has been hacked, or is carrying a malicious ad. As a result, my trust level in the site and its coding has dropped to zero.

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    @Blackbird I added a warning at first post about harmful links.

  • @luetage Thanks for the advice. I disabled all extensions and tried one by one and I found it.
    It's Chrono, the download manager.
    I don't know why this happen only with this website

  • @Gwen-Dragon Sorry for the harmful link :confounded:

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    @sebamaciolek said in Elements disappear by clicking on it at extreme-down.one:

    Sorry for the harmful link

    No problem. It is not your site making bad things.
    Than can happen on the web. Some websites inject strange ads, that's why i use a adblocker in Vivaldi like uBlockOrigin to get rid of bad content.

  • FWIW, upon looking at the site a bit further, they apparently are employing some kind of site/server coding that auto-redirects a first-click on their movie listings to a rotating series of ad/porn sites. Once that has happened, further clicks on movie listings seem to operate normally. Clearing their cookies and revisiting the site causes the process to consistently repeat, usually with a different redirected ad. It's the first time I've run into this particular kind of website click-bait revenue enhancement mechanism.

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