Certain web pages will not load.

  • I very recently began having this problem - can't think of anything in particular I may have done to trigger it.

    Certain websites will not load - if I search for such a site on google (WikiHow is one example) and click the link, there does not appear to be a change - the site doesn't switch and give me an error, the link does not even change color to indicate it's been clicked. Nothing happens. If I open the link in a new window, it just stays a blank webpage.

    I use bitdefender, as well as a VPN, but I've used both for a while without any difficulties.

    I've tried these sites on both the release version of vivaldi, as well as the snapshot release with no problem.

    The sites open on Chrome without delay.

    I have not changed any vivaldi settings recently.

    If there are any other questions I can answer, let me know! This is a pretty frustrating problem and I'll be very happy once it's resolved.


  • Update: Deactivating the extension HTTPS Everywhere solved the problem- bizarre as that is considering it's an extension I've had installed on this machine for months without issue.

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    You should always check Vivaldi with deactivated extensions (try it with Private Window) first, and re-enable step by step extension for extension, and you may get the bad one.


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