Rules for placing new tabs

  • I know about "New tab position" option in settings. It works for all new tabs.
    I want setting up different rules for 2 different types of new tabs:

    1. Related tabs. This tabs opens from another already opened tab.
    2. Independent tabs. This tabs opens by "+" button, by ctrl+t or from bookmarks.
      I can set up this settings by "Tab mix plus" extension in FF.
      I want open related tabs next to the current one.
      All other tabs(independent) needs to be opened as last tab.
      How I can sut up this behavior in Vivaldi? Or what extension can help me?

  • @hxss
    This should be simple Settings --> Tabs --> in section "New Tab Position" --> tick the box for "After related Tabs"

    Please note that this feature doesn't work when you close a tab and revive it. It will then be placed at the end of your tabs regardless of its relation to other tabs
    Sorry - never mind seems like this bug was fixed without me noticing it. I just retested this and it seems to work right now

  • Oh. I should have read the settings carefully. Thaank you.


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