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  • Since I signed up for Vivaldi my inbox (Thunderbird) has been swamped by emails from the Forum which I have not been able to stop. Not only is there a large number of them every day, a great many of them are multiples of the same posting, often as many as a dozen copies of the same thing. I have not signed up for them and have tried adjusting the Settings to 'NO' emails several times to no effect ----- they still come and it is worse than spam. I have raised this in another Forum (aparantly the wrong one). However, following the advice given there has not helped. I have also emailed Admin about it but if past experience is anything to go by I will not get a reply. Please can someone help me get rid of this unwelcome plague? clayto

  • Never used a forum ?

    Go to the user settings page and disable the email notifications.

  • I have visited the user settings page several times and have disabled email notifications several time (set to NO) yet the emails still keep coming. That is precisely what I am complaining about! Something appears to be wrong with the system and it needs to be sorted.


  • Did you notice that there isn't a single setting for email notifications, but many for every function ?

  • YES I did notice there are more than one setting for emails –-- about a dozen from memory. I have reset every one time and time again, and very tedious it is too. But though I have set and reset ALL the email settings the result it just the same, 30 or 40 emails arrive every day, many of them multiple copies. That is the nature of my complaint. There must be something wrong with the system. Is it only me who is experiencing this? How can I get something done about it. My fear is that if I abandon Vivaldi as I am tempted to do, the emails will still keep coming, regardless.


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    Weird. I don't get them.

  • @clayto:

    Please can someone help me get rid of this unwelcome plague?

    That "spam" is probably not from forum - but from blog ;p
    Anyway, in unwelcome email you have a line "To unsubscribe from future notifications please click here." - juck Click and voila.
    Note: you must "unsubscribe" all subscribed topics (blog discussions) - not only one.

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    That "spam" is probably not from forum - but from blog ;p

    I have no multiple e-mails from the forum but I get many duplicate e-mail notifications from the blog comments. I am trying to figure out which settings to modify so that I only get one notification when someone posts a new comment.

  • I have never changed any settings and I have never received any e-mail. Nothing. So not this system is broken, maybe it's just your's.

  • I have only received Vivaldi emails when I have requested to be kept in the loop for topics I am interested in. I have never received any extraneous emails and I have not requested any emails from the blogs, so I cannot comment on blog responses.

  • Thanks for the constructive contributions. I doubt the problem is with the Blog –-- I have just looked at it for the first time. My activity is shown as zero. The Blog topics dont match the emails I am getting whereas the Forum discussions are precisely what I get emails about. The suggestion to unsubscribe from individual conversations is worth trying, I hadnt thought of that. It may be long-winded but it might well be a way of 'fighting back'! Thanks.


  • First of all, I really don't see why would you post this in the "Vivaldi browser for Windows" subforum… It's clearly an issue with vivaldi.net which has a separate subforum HERE.

    Secondly - keep in mind that the forum automaticly subscribes you to a topic you replied to. If you replied in some of the most discussion-heavy topics, you might get quite some email notifications. This might be the reason for you being swamped.

  • First, I have been posting here because I was advised to, but I will try the subforum –-- thanks for the link

    Secondly, I have neither replied to or subscribed to any Forum at any time , apart from this thread which I started, so that is plainly not the reason for me being swamped with unwanted emails.

    I have

  • I just thought I would report that my problem being 'swamped' by unwanted emails from the Forums slowed down and then ended a little while ago –--the advice about unsubscribing from individual posting appears to have done the trick (I had never actually subscribed to any in the first place).


  • Glad to hear it got sorted out, and it's nice that you posted back with an update. 🙂

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