Intermittent issues when using a Wacom Pen

  • Hi - I'm loving Vivaldi, and have been using it a lot recently. I've come a couple of interesting issues though - not sure if they're related or not.

    The biggest issue, is that I find that the browsers intermittently stops accepting 'clicks' from my Wacom Pen (fine in all other apps). I can't select other tabs, or click links on the page. If I revert to using the Apple mouse it works works fine. I tend to use the Wacom Pen most of the time because I get quite bad RSI, so it becomes a bit frustrating when I can't interact with the browser.

    The other issue is that every now and then, the whole browser interface becomes damaged - I get large areas of the window that become black and fragmented. The only fix is to restart Vivaldi. As I say, not sure if this is related to the fact that I'm using a Wacom Pen, but seems a bit odd.

    Interestingly I didn't get either of these issues with Vivaldi < 1.10.867.46 - it has only started happening with 1.11.x

    Many thanks

  • Following on from the above issue, I have found a few posts in forums where people have commented on similar issues in Chromium and Chrome (Windows and Macs).!topic/chrome/qAGMbbcomrM

    On testing things a little further, I've found that I do also seem to have an occasional issue where I can't click on buttons or select menus etc. in Chrome, Vivaldi and Opera (all chromium based I believe). The issue seems to be slightly worse and more frequent in Vivaldi.

    Anyway, seems like this may be an issue with the underlying Chromium code rather than Vivaldi.

    I've tried following some of the suggestions, like disabling hardware acceleration and disabling sticky keys, but none of these seem to help.

    Driving me slightly nuts this one...

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