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  • Hi guys good morning!

    Is it possible to install Ad Block in Vivaldi?


  • @gersoncjunior
    Yes it is possible you can use most of the normal chrome extensions. Only a few extensions don't run at all or have limited functionality.
    Especially all extensions that need a chrome login don't work.

    Go to the installed extensions site via Menu --> Tools --> Extensions or press "Ctrl + Shift + E" than click on "Get more Extensions" --> you get redirected to the chrome webstore --> search and install the extensions you like.

    Please note by default are extensions set to not work in private windows you can change that on the installed extensions site

  • Moderator

    I prefer the uBlockOrigin extension. I can filter Ads, unnecessary and other content on webpages by filter lists and userdefined rules.

  • Moderator

    You could always try using a hosts file, like that way it works across all browsers and you don't have to spend time figuring out which extension to install. Although that is a bit less user friendly.

    Otherwise, any ad blocker from the chrome extension store should work.


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