Porting Vivaldi to Other Platforms

  • Hello everyone and thank you for an interesting and useful product! I have been using Opera for years and this feels like a breath of fresh air when compared to the direction they are taking... Recently I have been using RISC OS quite a lot and have also been helping out a little with their only decent browser which is NetSurf. I say "only decent" and it is true, but development of that browser has lagged behind some of the modern web standards. There have been quite a few discussions in the RISC OS community about different browsers and the possibility of porting a browser to RISC OS and I was wondering if Vivaldi could be ported? I know Opera works on many different platforms but I'm unsure if there was ever a port of it to RISC OS (Acorn computers back in the 1990s)? There's a small but growing community of new RISC OS users out there and what we are lacking is a decent up-to-date web browser so if Vivaldi could be made to work on that platform (or any others) then it would be a very interesting proposition!

  • Risc OS (and hardware it runs on) has been way below the radar until recently; before the updates to port it to the Raspberry Pi and Chromebooks there really wasn't anything for them to build it on … so no, I don't see any older versions of Opera for Risc OS on the FTP server ftp://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/ nor on the archive server http://arc.opera.com/pub/opera/

    Vivaldi is based on Chromium and therefore will run on the same systems the latter does. Vivaldi wouldn't have the resources to port Chromium themselves, but if others are working on the Chromium port they could probably port their custom parts. (At the moment they are concentrating on traditional desktop environments, but plans do exist for Android after that. Not certain about iOS, since Apple will no allow Chromium or other engines on it.

  • Aha, thank you I had not realized it was based on Chromium instead of Opera - somehow I had missed that in my reading about Vivaldi.

    Could be a difficult thing to port…but as you say it would probably have to come from the Chromium side if it were to come from anywhere...


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