How to add a new search bar?

  • Aloha,

    Usually you have your address field you can use to type in URLs or search with a search engine. Additionally there is a own search bar right next to that field. One search bar isn't enough (for me).
    Is it possibly to inject a second search box or something like that?

    I know I can use shortcuts to reflect which search engine I want to use with a "g" or a "b" but nowadays I need to switch between two special search engines and it would be a lot easier if they had dedicated search boxes for themselves.

    OSX 10.12.6 with black Vivaldi (for developers?)

  • address bar AND search bar both work as search engine bar, so you already have 2; make sure you have set to open search results in new tabs, set default search engine in search settings for the address bar, and then select one in the search box, and you're done, you have 2 search bars for 2 different engines.

  • Thanks for the fast answer.

    I use the adress bar for Google (or general search engines) and I have two special search engines which I want to give their own search bars so I dont need to switch between them. Sorry I think that wasn't clear enough.
    I was just wondering if there is a easy way to add another search bar or search panel in the panel menu. I didnt find any plugin for that purpose.

  • I really don't understand why you should need more search boxes, I'd select one engine, type the term, enter to do my search (opens in new tab), click on the lens icon (or cursor down), select another engine, reselect the last search terms with the history dropdown, enter. repeat ad libitum.

  • @iAN-CooG That's what you do, it doesn't mean he should be doing what you are.

  • @jcd: there isn't other way as of now, or do you have a solution to add 1 or more search boxes?


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