Quick middle mouseclick bug?

  • Hello,
    Recently I ran into a very annoying problem. I commonly use middle mouse click to close tabs in the navbar. But I noticed that if I click multiple tabs too quick, the whole browser closes, making me having to restart it.
    This is very annoying, especially since I have no idea what is this caused by and if it is possible to disable.
    Any ideas?

  • @elvanos There are no settings to disable this. Are you sure the whole browser closes, or does the window simply minimize? If there are still tabs open the browser should never just close, this would be a bug.

  • Yes, the whole browser closes. And yes, there are tabs still opened.

  • Moderator

    I cant reproduce the problem with 1.11 Stable on Windows 10 x64 with my Logitech M705.
    And i did not see such bug in Vivaldi bug tracker.

    Do you use a special mouse software?

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