GIFs or no GIFs? Vivaldi Snapshot 1.11.917.17

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    @palli said:

    More options include disabling of GIF animations to help with web accessibility and Configurable gesture sensitivity.

    Known Issue:

    • VB-30098 Setting for GIF animation does not persist between sessions


    • VB-29962 [Regression]Save password prompt does not show up
    • VB-16320 [New] Disable GIF animation by setting
    • VB-30408 [New] Configurable gesture sensitivity
    • VB-20258 [Mac] Gestures don’t work in Settings in a tab
    • VB-28796 Activate Add button upon paste to specific page field
    • VB-30461 History search matches multiple words
    • VB-29638 Cannot type in history search field
    • VB-30441 Unable to search or select typed history entry when typing bookmark nickname in urlfield
    • VB-23446 Reader Mode clears page title
    • VB-29955 Selecting a bookmark with a nickname results in a google search on the nickname
    • VB-22288 Cleanup page unload events before switching to reader view

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