Bookmark Sync - Roadmap?

  • Greetings all,

    Where is the bookmark sync in regards to RoadMap features?

    That is one feature that is holding me back from using Vivali as one of my main browsers.

    And the fact that the bookmarking is just what I like in regards to features over and above other browsers, till the sync is available so that I can just login and all my bookmarks are there, I tend not to bookmark as much.



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    Allmost ready. But currently tested only by interns.
    Roadmap? No, we haven't any.

  • What about M3?

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    @saudiqbal Coming along nicely. Not ready yet.

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    Sometimes in my bad tester dreams I fear users will throw rotten tomatoes and salad on us if we always say such things like: "WIR (When It is Ready)" or "We are testing. Almost ready." Then i am sitting in front of my screen and see: the users are much more polite and have patience. They are really Friends of Vivaldi.

  • @Gwen-Dragon throws tomato

  • @Vivaldi-Team Publish an M3 Alpha Preview. Its time. Thrust us users that we are professional enough to understand what ALPHA means. But, i (and many others too) will see that prototype to believe there is a Chance that M3 will see the Light of the World soon. Screenshots (photoshopped?), Announcements and Consolations is not enough. Or be so courageous and say that M3 was cancelled. Now.

  • @Codehunter
    Yep- that's the spirit. I always work harder and faster if someone comes around and puts a lot of pressure on me. What's the point in this ? Or asking the other way around: What is so hard to understand about the point that the devs will release this when they think that mail is ready for the public?
    This is pretty much not your decision to make or even to demand (Little reminder you use a free product so the ones that pay for the development make the rules not you).
    Asking politely would suit you much more

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    @Codehunter said in Bookmark Sync - Roadmap?:

    Thrust us users that we are professional enough to understand what ALPHA means.

    You cant talk for all Snapshot testers having a pro experience like you.
    You can not imagine what will happen if users may lose some mails on IMAP with a M3 alpha software.

    Please be patient and wait until a stable Snapshot with M3 will come.
    Ane we have already discussion trheads about M3. Use them here or here.
    There is no need to talk about Vivaldi Mail client in a thread for Bookrmark Sync.
    !!! Stay on topic! !!!

  • @zaibon Oh i'm (and so much others) had asked polity. More than one time. And also directly Jon via PM. Over a long, long time.

    I believe some people here underestimates HOW important the M3 feature is for O12-M2 users. There is no proper alternative to O12-M2 (and NO, Opera Mail isnt!)

    Yes, youre right, Vivaldi is a free product. I agree with you, the Dev Team makes the rules. But perhaps you misunderstand me (my english isnt really good). I do not want make pressure to the Dev Team. Really NO! I have worries about some discussions about Vivaldi (the Company) that M3 and all of the Consolations around it finally ends in Vaporware. This throws a bad light to the Vivaldi company.

    Because of all this critical voices and bringing them to silence, i suggest to publish an Alpha Preview. So the critics can see, that the Dev Team really works on M3. I think that an incomplete M3-Alpha would be the minor evil than the rumor M3 becomes vaporware. This can be harmful to the Vivaldi company business plans. Bad rumors are realy bad for businesses.

    Hope this clear up my intention a little bit.

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    @Codehunter This is not a thread about Opera or Vivaldi M3 or a Vivaldi Technologies marketing strategy or a discussion about Vaporware.
    Stop the offtopic, please.

    If you want M3 search and upvote feature request in

  • Some of us actually have an extra old computer to test which we dont care if we loose any data, I dont mind alpha testing it.

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    @saudiqbal It's only in IMAP. If you lose local data, the loss could be reflected globally. I completely understand your eagerness - but in this case the better part of valor is discretion.

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    As a last information:
    We cant give you a roadmap about the M3 mail client.
    We can not give you more information as we are not allowed to.

    If you need a discussion about the missing mail client please open a new thread or add you thoughts to existing ones.

    If you want to discuss about Sync i advice you to do the same.

    if you need a thread about how Vivaldi is annocuncing features i adivde you to make a new thread.

    And please do not mix all together.



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