Any way to fix 'current session' or 'last session'?

  • Vivaldi didn't start today (my work PC was force shut, but IIRC Vivaldi wasn't running when I left the PC). Some processes started and then stopped.

    After removing the last session and current session files it does start, but of course with none of the open tabs. As a tab hoarder, who tends to keep everything in open tabs rather than bookmarks, that's quite a setback.

    Is there any way to comfortably edit these files and hopefully fix them? I opened the file in Notepad++ and I can see some URL's, but it's not that comfortable to salvage them this way.

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    @ET3D There's no accepted or supported protocol to edit these files. Sorry.

    Did you check Trash or History to see if you could recover anything from there?

  • @Ayespy Thanks for the quick reply. There's nothing in Trash, and though I can go over history, it would be rather difficult to track down the stuff that I kept from that which I haven't. Might work for yesterday's tabs perhaps but not practical for much older tabs.

    It would likely be easier to just go over the current session file and look for URL's. I guess I could do it with a grep utility, because doing 'find' is too much work so far, due to the large amount of other stuff there (which looks somewhat like UTF16 text, isn't that readable with Notepad++ as is, and I'm not sure if there's a way to make it look better).

  • @ET3D I cannot guarantee this will help you, but conversely it can't hurt you, & just might still help you recover.

    1. Backup your Default folder from another chromium-based browser, eg, Chromium, Slimjet...
    2. Copy your truculent Vivaldi Last Session/Tabs and Current Session/Tabs files into the Chromium, Slimjet... Default folder.
    3. Try launching that browser
    4. If it also won't launch then sa la vie
    5. If it does launch, with all your tabs intact, smile, then close said browser again
    6. Try copying back those "same" files [which by now are not identical to what you first had] into V's Default, then see if V is now happy.
    7. If V is still unhappy, close it again, delete those files, leave V closed.
    8. Relaunch said other browser & install extension Session Buddy.
    9. With SB, create a saved session / or Export.
    10. Launch V, also install SB, Import other browser's SB Export.
    11. Smile, then in V keep SB installed for future incidents just in case, &/or form a habit of periodically [daily, weekly?] creating a V Saved Session.

    Good luck. MTFBWY.

  • @Steffie Thank! I copied to Chrome, but when I start it, it shows the start page, even after I set 'continue where you left off'.

  • @ET3D Sad. It'll probably not be a different outcome, but might you have a chance to try with Chromium in lieu of Chrome? I just don't like/trust Chrome, & ponder that as Chromium is likely closer to V than is That Thing From The Dark Side, it might just magic your tabs open... probably not, but heh!

    As i said already, though it's painful now, at least proactively help yourself avoid a future repeat, per my suggestions, once you've manually recreated your desired tabs from memory + history.

    Oh, this is a total long-shot. What V do you use, Stable or SS, & then what version? Can you try an update if you're not on the latest? Why? --> see this:

  • @Steffie Thank you so much. I updated from 1.10.867.38 to 1.10.867.48 and it opened all the tabs.

    (I installed Session Buddy in the hope that it will help in case of future problems.)

  • @ET3D Oh that's genuinely lovely news; i'm thrilled to hear it. Yay. [but isn't it weird, not unlike my own experience per that link].

  • i actually have too problem with corrupted(?) "Current Session" and "Last Session", not sure what problem, after reinstall and first run (and close) Vivaldi, replace this files from backup, and after run Vivaldi, this files is replaced with clean version...

    try using Chromium, using Vivaldi "Open saved session" after rename to *.bin, all time replaced with clean files..

    but i finaly find "solution", using this tool (with selected SNSS branch) i successfully "extract" from "Current Session" tab information to text file, in this file is information about separate Windows, numbered tabs, all tabs also with history... after manualy edit with removing all information except alone urls (deleted for tab unneed history url) i restore it to Vivaldi using:
    vivaldi-stable --newwindow
    vivaldi-stable --newtab
    vivaldi-stable --newtab
    vivaldi-stable --newwindow
    vivaldi-stable --newtab
    vivaldi-stable --newtab

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