Vivaldi is opened in invisible window

  • Vivaldi is opened in invisible window if I close vivaldi and open it again. But if I open after first window, anower vivaldi window, this window is stable work(until that moment how I will close vivaldi and open again). Whis doing after I install new AMD video driver

  • @salatets
    The window is there but is placed outside of the visible area of your monitor.
    Most time you can resolve this issue by the following procedure:
    Start vivaldi --> select the "invisible window" e.g. by using "Alt + Tab" --> press "Windowskey + Arrow down" --> press "Windowskey + Arrow UP" --> should be fine now.

    If this doesn't help you it starts to get a bit more complicated:

    Go to vivaldi://about there should be a line "Profile Path" which provides a path to your default folder.
    The default folder contains most of your settings and extension data.
    Copy that path --> close vivaldi --> open a file explorer --> go to that path --> inside the "Default" folder there should be a file named "Preferences" --> open that file with a texteditor --> press "Ctrl +F" (or open the in text search via the file menu) --> search for the term vivaldi_window_1

    The line should look somehow like:


    now go take a look if the values for screen_bounds_x / _y are set to 0 is the value were your new "first window" of vivaldi should start while x=0 and y=0 are the most upper left corner of your screen.

    If those values aren't set to zero - copy the actual values for backup reasons to some textfile or write them down than change the x and y value to 0 --> save the file --> restart vivaldi.

    *EDIT: This should be resolved after you do the procedure once

  • @zaibon
    Thank you. All method working. Second method most effective becase not necessary repeat every start browser. Topic is closed

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