Why is Vivaldi not under a free license ?

  • Hello.
    I'm currently trying Vivaldi and asked the CEO on Twitter whitout answer so I come here now.

    Why is Vivaldi not a Free software ?
    We can access sources (until 1.9) but as a proprietary software, I think it will not develop on Linux distro for instance...

    Do Vivaldi people fear something about free licensing ?

  • @Parigot-Manchot The Founder/CEO is not willing to have others fork his work at this time. So he retains rights to the browser itself, if not all of its codebase.

    The concern is he's spending millions to make this, and unwilling to let others divert the income stream he will need to draw even against the ongoing losses to make the product.

    There are some Linux distros who have agreements with Vivaldi not to reverse-engineer or alter the code, and who do include Vivaldi in their initial install package and their repos, out of the box.

    Vivaldi probably has a larger Linux fanbase and usership in proportion to its usership overall, than any other generally distributed multi-platform browser. This includes 32-bit Linux, which Chromium has abandoned. Several of the developers are Linux-first users.

  • Thanks for the answer.
    For me, free license means trust in dev, better with full code access.
    I respect CEO decision of course but won't recommend its work, as in 2017, proprietary software ARE not recommended, in means of privacy concern.

  • @Parigot-Manchot You have full access to the code now. It is all legible, being constructed of common plain-text-readable web technologies. You just may not appropriate it and issue it as your own - cuz, you know; it wasn't your idea.

    Interesting opinion, though, "proprietary software are not recommended." The vast majority of software companies across the globe will be sad to learn this. I suppose they will all be going out of business now. You are welcome to this opinion, and welcome to follow whatever course you feel is wisest.

    At present, Jon will not be giving away his work, nor that of the staff he is paying out of his own personal pocket, nor offering people the opportunity to dilute the income stream he will need to recoup his losses.

    And some millions of us will still use the best browser, irrespective of its licensing. You have a lovely day, and thank you for your interest in Vivaldi!

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