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  • Why oh why when I open a new tab must Vivaldi automatically go to that new tab? it is very VERY annoying. I cannot find a way to disable it and it used to never be a problem. please fix this, everyone I've referred Vivaldi to hates this too.

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    it used to never be a problem.

    This is the way Vivaldi has always behaved. It is patterned on the Old versions of Opera, where the "open in new tab" command was invented by a team working for our founder.

    There is not yet a setting to change this.

    If one wishes to open a link in a new background tab, one may middle-click it, Ctrl+click it, use the context menu (right-click) and select "Open in background tab," or one may configure one's own mouse gesture to "open in background tab" and perform that gesture over links when desired.

    So there are four ways to do it. One hopes you can find a way to adjust until such time as the option to modify the default behavior is introduced.


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