Scroll tabs opposite

  • How do I scroll through tabs in opposite way than usual?

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    @ganimed Move the wheel in the opposite direction (>_<)

    It's a known regression.

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    @ganimed There's no option for that right now. There's a reported bug that Linux suddenly started scrolling tabs the wrong way. We probably just need an option to reverse whatever it's doing on a person's platform. Then no one will have to suffer "wrong way" tab scrolling. You can leave a Feature Request

  • I don't know am I going crazy after using tabmix+ in firefox, or what is happening,
    but something's feels odd, like I didn't scroll this way before. I'm on snapshot version.

    Leaving a feature request for this seems like I'll see it done in 2020. lol 😕

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    @ganimed Not leaving a feature request for it seems like you'll see it done never.

    Bugs are addressed as the devs become aware of them. But not all "bugs" are bugs.

    It's true that browser development, even when a vendor has a huge dev team (and Vivaldi, surprise, doesn't) seems to move like molasses in the dead of winter. Typically, one becomes "mature" and "feature-complete" in about two decades or so. Vivaldi seems to be maturing at about double the average rate. But that still means...

  • well, if anyone wishes and comes along, I did request if, so feel free to upvote it :

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    @ganimed And as of this moment, you already have two thumbs-up. 🙂

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    It is a bug as it worked in 1.10 Stable before.
    I already did update the bugtracker entry last week.

  • @ganimed This is driving me absolutely insane. I'm on Windows, it doesn't seem to have anything to do with Linux. If this keeps up past the next snapshot, I'll have to either roll back to stable, or just use another browser. Something I do at least 50 times per day (scroll the tabs) is now somehow, inexplicably and for seemingly no reason, completely opposite. Very hard to deal with.

  • It still hasn't been fixed in the latest 1.11.917.17 snapshot.
    Either stick to one direction and don't change, or preferably give the users an option to choose directions like in Tab Wheel Scroll add-on for Firefox.

  • can't believe that something so simple annoys me so much.

    must be coz I'm lefty or something. :s
    and yeah, this worked before, I do remember, and now something's off.

    thanks for reporting it @Gwen-Dragon

  • To those whinging about the tab-scroll mouse-wheel direction-reversal bug, have you created mouse gestures for tab scrolling? Really simple to do, incredibly handy to use... easier even than using the wheel [even when its direction is good]. Try it.

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    @Steffie How repeated complaining rewires your brain for negativity.

    Whiners don't like being told to stop whining, but it really does cause a mental block that prevents them finding workarounds or real solutions, or just patiently waiting for fixes.

    My approach if something annoys me is to stop doing it, i.e. I will find another route rather than spending a lot of time building temporary bridges. If the problem persists for months, then perhaps I will look for a more permanent solution like making new shortcuts.

    Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab work well to circumvent this particular problem until the bug is fixed. I don't have much call for it as I often have only one or two tabs open.

  • @Steffie The direction is reversed on that too (eg. right-click and scroll).

    @Pesala No, this isn't whining. Imagine if one day, all of a sudden, mouse wheel scroll direction was reversed on web pages. Something you're accustomed to doing possibly hundreds of times per day is all of a sudden completely reversed so that down means up, and up means down. Doesn't sound too fun, does it?

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    The bug will be fixed in next Snapshot.

  • @Gwen-Dragon Awesome! I also noticed another weird quirk: Pressing and holding the middle mouse button, then dragging the mouse up or down (like to quickly scroll to the top or bottom of the page) now selects everything as if the left mouse button is held down.

  • @aftli said in Scroll tabs opposite:

    @Steffie The direction is reversed on that too (eg. right-click and scroll).

    Utter cobblers! I said mouse gestures:

    I configured mine so that Next Tab is a simple right-click drag to the right, & Previous Tab a simple right-click drag to the left; nothing whatsoever to do with the wheel. Furthermore, this mode is doubly superior to the wheel in the tab bar method, coz with gestures you can do it anywhere in the page [ie, much faster; no need to first move your pointer up from page to tab row]. At least in my Linux V & also in my Win10 VM V, your negative comment is wrong.

    FWIW i also use mouse gestures to jump to the top of pages [RC-drag-up], jump to bottom of pages [RC-drag-down], History Fwd [RC-drag-R-drag-L], History Back [RC-drag-L-drag-R]. All these are effortless & fast. Ever since we gained these MG in V i've reflexively used these all day/night, & conversely only rarely ever need to venture up to the actual tab bar. Similarly i use MG to close tabs, clone tabs, Find in pages. IMO any V user not using MG is just making things unnecessarily hard for themselves [except of course for the Keyboard Warriors - these people are awesome, but way above my competence].

  • @aftli said in Scroll tabs opposite:

    another weird quirk: Pressing and holding the middle mouse button, then dragging the mouse up or down (like to quickly scroll to the top or bottom of the page) now selects everything as if the left mouse button is held down

    Does not do this in my Linux V, but does do it in my Win10 VM V. However, why do you keep pressing the middle button? Why not simply press it to activate the scroll mode, then let it go, then slightly move the mouse up/down/left/right to scroll in your desired direction? When i do that in my Win10 VM V [at least, i use my wheel as the middle button; my mouse does not have a physical middle button], it behaves as impeccably as it does in my Linux V.

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    @aftli said in Scroll tabs opposite:

    Pressing and holding the middle mouse button, then dragging the mouse up or down (…) now selects everything

    A known nasty bug. Is existent in our internal tester versions, too.
    Will be fixed but i fave no timeline yet.

  • @Steffie Your mouse gestures may be superior to scrolling in the tab bar because of how you can do them anywhere on the page, but they still require you to make the gesture for each tab you want to skip to the left right.

    Whereas by using the hold-right-click+scroll method, you can skip to whatever tab you need in (what I would consider) one gesture. What does bug me about this method though is the popup it brings up can be a bit fickle at times.


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