setting open in a new background tab option in web panels.

  • when surfing sites like hacker news, it would help lots if we can set up to open in a background tab by default all links, same goes for FB and Twitter and other websites that usually link content.

    making this just a click away.

    i dont know if there is a plug in for that

  • @zikkeratak There are already two ways to open links in the background: Middle-click or right-click, open in background tab.

  • I have a mouse pad on a laptop, so no middle click.

    and right click is two steps, right click then select open in background tab, what i mean is to have settings to enable open all links in background tab in web panels

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    @zikkeratak And ctrl+click or cmd+click is not a viable option for you?

  • Another option on laptops is clicking both buttons at the same time and/or right click, then mouse pad down > up.
    Mouse gestures are working on laptop pads too.

    Cheers, mib

  • @Ayespy The way I see it is that webpanel can be used to check on websites that may have upgrades on info very often.

    so,why not having a way to set open in a new tab or a background tab by default... like twitter, (lots of links and each link you click sends you to another tab) same way I'm thinking for webpanels since it is a reduce size, opening links on the same webpanel is not useful.

    i understand it can be done in 2 different ways already but why not to have only for webpanels the option to open in another tab or background tab by default?

    @mib2berlin all options now required 2 clicks (or like me, if you don't click 2 mouse buttons at same time gets all messy), this will set a by default open all links in web panel in a background tab (a million dollar idea!!!, kidding)

  • It's not a bad idea, in webpanels you mostly want to stay on the exact site you opened, forward and backward mouse gestures don't work, and the toolbar just takes away space.

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