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  • Wanna get my news, and opens Vivaldi ,,, and counts my heart beats. Am about to call emergency before it suddenly comes alive, after ten seconds or more.
    Sometimes it refuses to start. Down in the process tree I see numerous processes listed. Why? Why does that program want to record whatelse I'm doing? And refuse to work when it's not satisfied by getting disallowed into deeper parts of my operating system ...
    Vivaldi seems to be no more than a branch of the Google Imperium, perishing competitors. Launched as a browser for web designers, I see no more than an application to Chrome ... even if the codes are "open source".
    I've been following Vivaldi from the start; as I was following Opera from the very beginning. It was neat, quick and following the rules from W3C. Nobody cares about them these days. But I care about my standard browser. And I've never been confident with Mozilla and their fox squad.

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    @khawaga What can you tell us about your system, any extensions you run, and any 3rd party security software?

    Have you tried to refresh your profile?

  • @Ayespy
    I've been dealing with computers ever since Apple II, and wayback in history I lurked around with Arpanet, Don't You tell me to reinstall anything ... but thanks for suggestions. I believe You're obliged to answer this way.

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    We had some issues with Avast making trouble.
    Check your "security" tools like antivirus, firewall, procyfilter etc.

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    @khawaga I'm not obliged to answer any particular way. We mods make suggestions in keeping with our experience and knowledge.

    A profile refresh is not a re-install. As a rule, except with very rare exceptions, a re-install has not been seen to be of any benefit. However, a profile refresh offers the chance for the browser to replace any corrupted databases or files with new ones that work properly, and to detect which, if any, extensions you have might be causing trouble. It is both a curative and diagnostic tool. PLUS, it has the benefit that you don't lose any of your data (though you might have to re-do your settings).

  • @khawaga
    This kind of stuff irritates me a lot.
    You answered exactly zero questions ayespy asked - instead you throw around some Go away I know it better than you clearly without even clicking on the link provided to have a look what a "fresh profile" is.
    I honor all the experience you gathered since you're first days using computers - but if you need some help with stuff what holds you back to try out a few things people suggest that may know more than you about common problems with the software you are using?
    Worst case: everything stays the same
    Best case: the issues you have vanish

    So I don't see the problem

  • @khawaga What an irritatingly arrogant unproductive non-response. I can see that you'll fit in just fine around here, with humility & an open mind like that...

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    @khawaga And some notes if I might be so bold:

    We moderators are volunteers who offer to help users because we like to help, and we also help to keep the floors clean around here. We do not work for Vivaldi. Vivaldi does not impose requirements on us as to what we should or may suggest. We do have to remain civil, though, and not be jerks.

    Some of us (like myself and Gwen-Dragon and others) are kind of long in the tooth and have been messing with computers since Christ was a corporal. The first computers in my house were an Altair, a Heathkit and a Sinclair. I was already in my mid 20's at that time. Later, we bought an Apple II, wrote some AppleBasic software for it, and ran a business on it (customer files, billing, etc.) Later we also made extensive use of Kaypro's and Compaq's first laptop - mainly for bookkeeping and authoring books and articles. I'm a survivor of the days of CPM, MSDOS, Win 3.1, etc. as well.

    Because some of us have also been using Vivaldi since it saw the light of day two and a half years ago, we have a LOT of experience with what can go wrong and the sorts of fixes a person might try. Some of us (like Gwen-Dragon, for instance) are also more tech-heads than others and have researched and implemented cross-platform fixes on our own.

    If you let us, we will try to help you.


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