Speed Dial in Chrome & Firefox like Vivaldi's.

  • I'm looking for a good Speed Dial extension for mostly Chrome, but Firefox version would be also nice to see. It's important to look like and functional like the Speed Dial in Vivaldi, 'cause I tried MANY SD's-like extensions for Chrome and most of them have a sign limits in SD page title, like “Speed Dial 2" or looked like ugly or had almost none settings to change or options I can change, but I didn't need them. The only good SD-like extension for Chrome I found is “Foxtab Speed Dial”, but I want more. For Firefox, I used mostly “Super Start”, but “Speed Dial” was also nice (both of them are better than “Foxtab Speed Dial”, I can guarantee that), but would nice to have something better than “Super Start” and/or “Speed Dial” in Firefox.

  • I'm afraid Opera has the best speed dial at the moment - albeit not perfect - but it's very very good!

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    @Rudric Being unable to accommodate nested folders, I find it quite inferior. But to each his own.


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