Adjusting screen brightness

  • Is there an option to adjust screen brightness, even to reverse to negative (light print with dark ground)?

  • @EkimP Does this help?


  • Thanks Steffie.

    I had never used this indicated button. I'm sure it would be beneficial for more than a few Vivaldi users for a page of explanations of the uses of the sixteen Page Actions be provided. It would seem that most are just an on or off action.

    I find the 'Filter Invert' useful when reading The Guardian front page but it's effect is by no means consistent. On some pages the print disappears and the filter needs to be un-ticked. A particular example of this can be viewed at .

    My original request was to find out if there was a means of adjusting the brightness like a dimmer to lower the colour temperature of the page so it would not be too glaring.

    My trying the 'Filter Grayscale' removes any colour. I have not seen a lot of difference when the 'Sepia Filter' has been used.

  • @EkimP An alternative you may like to consider is to customise your fav sites yourself. Disclaimer: I have zilch, nil, & stuff-all competence in this regard, but several months ago some kind talented other members here gave me some excellent pointers. So, eg, install extension Stylus, & play around with your own CSS code.

    Here's a KCoA mod whipped up as i wrote this reply [incomplete, & very crappy, but just to give you a crude idea]:

    Here's my daily GA mod [i like purples & lavenders]:

    Or for those occasions when i go over to The Dark Side:

    I found this stuff to be kinda fun, albeit also sometimes maddening [due to my gross lack of talent for it], but if you give it a go you might come up with mods for your sites that quite tickle your fancy.


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