Browser bookmark acts like a keyboard shortcut

  • Somehow one of my browser bookmarks has become a keyboard shortcut. If I click on it, instead of going to the website, I get a Developer Tools popup window. I've checked whether the bookmark somehow got a nickname or something, and I've tried both removing Ctrl-Shift-I as a shortcut and turning off shortcuts entirely. Note, this behavior affects the bookmark from my workaround flyout for bookmarks, which simply consists of putting the folder for bookmarks onto the bookmark bar. The problem doesn't affect the bookmark when selected from the sidebar. How can I stop the bookmark from acting like a shortcut?

  • What's the address of the bookmark?

  • Sorry, but could you please explain how a URL or site name could invoke Developer Tools? I can assure you, neither of them have anything to do with Developer Tools.

  • @Kerampf said in Browser bookmark acts like a keyboard shortcut:

    Sorry, but could you please explain how a URL or site name could invoke Developer Tools? I can assure you, neither of them have anything to do with Developer Tools.

    Nobody said they do, assuming everything is operating correctly. But if there's something broken or buggy, then things obviously aren't operating correctly; and whatever information details you can supply might help to pinpoint or replicate whatever is actually going wrong. Apparently there's something unique about your particular bookmark within that folder on the bookmarks bar that is triggering the wrong action since nobody else has reported the problem... I use such bookmarks from within bookmarks bar folders constantly with no problems. Hence it would be useful to know as much as possible about your bookmark, the bookmark name/nickname, the URL, and even the position of that bookmark in the listing within the folder of the bookmarks bar.

  • @Blackbird The URL is, named (unsurprisingly) Discount Drug Network. The description and nickname fields are blank. It's the second item in a folder a couple levels deep (with maybe 200 bookmarks, one does need organization!). I've glanced through a couple other folders and haven't seen anything similarly assigned to a keyboard shortcut -- just as the regular menus display keyboard shortcut assignments, the assignment to Ctrl-Shift-I is displayed in my flyout kludge (which triggers the Developer Tools), not in the sidebar (which doesn't). I've used this bookmark before, so I know the trigger is a new addition, not something that was incorporated when originally added. Hope that's useful.

    I'll be out of town for a few days so I might not be able to respond to anything else until I return.

  • @Kerampf I've played around with placing a bookmark to that URL in a bookmarks bar folder with other bookmarks and haven't been able to replicate what you're seeing. (Vivaldi 1.10.867.48 (Stable channel) (64-bit) running on Win10). I'm wondering if your bookmark itself (or its bookmarks bar folder incarnation) has itself been corrupted somehow. You haven't mentioned if you've tried deleting the bookmark entirely and recreating it in the same place, but it might be worth trying.

  • @Kerampf Try the latest snashot

    Two fixes which may be relevant:

    VB-30441 Unable to search or select typed history entry when typing bookmark nickname in urlfield
    VB-29955 Selecting a bookmark with a nickname results in a google search on the nickname

  • @Blackbird Actually I thought of creating a new bookmark a couple days ago, but I've been crazy busy until now. The new bookmark operates properly. The drawback is that it's not in alpha order, which as far as I know is unfixable. (You can get alpha order in the sidebar, but not in a folder used as a workaround for the lack of a proper flyout bookmark menu.)

  • @Kerampf I don't alphabetize my bookmarks (either within folders or independent), instead using their placement/order with respect to each other as another form of logical sorting that works for me and the way I think... so I can't comment on alphabetizing issues. However, I do know that if you manually arrange bookmarks via drag-drop within the sidebar bookmarks panel for the appropriate toolbar folders, they will track across to the bookmarks bar display. If all you need is to move a single bookmark up/down within a folder list, that's the way to go.


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