Question about customizing browser

  • What I want is to have all things nice grouped - i.e. not split all things into multiple places (address bar + tab bar + panels + fast commands).

    I'm thinking about 2 solutions:

    1. combine tabs with sidebar (similarly to history or bookmarks panel)
    2. show tabs in popup - maybe combine it with fast commands

    I would like to see fast commands like:

    1. search on top (as same as now)
    2. then horizontal tabs:
      a) all - default, just displays best matches for all tabs
      a) tabs - tabs in current group
      b) tab groups
      Tabs should be grouped - similarly to how it looks and works in history panel.
      I would like to click on group name to fast switch to that group (last visited site) or click on arrow that shows all tabs in that group.
      b) history
      c) bookmarks
      d) commands
      e) search results - results from search engine
    3. Entries - just a simple list with type at right (like: bookmark)

    or similarly panels:

    I would like to have search icon at top. On click expand panels and search in all panels or search in current panel (if user clicked on icon like bookmarks icon).
    Also it would be nice to have results from search engines there.

    Fast commands option looks better for me (centered popup that is visible on simple F2 shortcut).
    Is it possible to do any of them writing custom code in JavaScript?


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