where does blog posting feautre went?

  • I remember we were able to post pretty much like in opera, blog posts with thoughts ideas ect etc, i notice this had been gone.

    any info on this?

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  • It's been hinted at that the blogging capability would be moved to the new forum. The original blogs are pretty much abandoned at this point and the legacy site has been overshadowed by the recent development. Although, as can be seen when following Ayespy's link, it's still useable.

  • @luetage Not to the forum but there is a massive rebuild in progress. The whole blogging platform changes - and as far as I can see the changes are really good.

    Some patience is still needed though because there are still some problems to solve.

  • hello zikkeratak, Ayespy, luetage, QuHno, And Everyone

    top of page the word "COMMUNITY" at the top of my page is once again linked to userblogs.
    The eminent Shpankov who is normal to blog each new snapshot has no blog to show for 1.11.915.3 version; It is indicator that even Shpankov need patience. Thanks, QuHno, for the encouraging comments that blog will continue to build soon. Everyone can get some test data ready to submit to the new platform!

  • Yeah, now i understand its going on a huge haul of the entire vivaldy community... sounds exciting.

    cant wait for everything is coming our way.

    new forum and community platform
    more inovation...

    damn!... vivaldi is here to stay and that is healthy.

  • hello zikkeratak

    get your thoughts and ideas ready. Notice. jell your blogging data. .. i notice this had been gone.
    To submit honest confession to all of you: at the time of my previous post I had submitted test data queued prior to that post. test data awaiting approval for publication since 25 July.
    imminent change from overshadowed, original blogs. ...exciting.
    To healthy . cheers.

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    @zikkeratak Login at https://vivaldi.net/ and you can have your blog.

  • @gwen-dragon I tried that yesterday, doesn't work for normal users yet it seems.

    0_1506096606850_Screenshot 2017-09-22 18.09.56.png

  • @luetage Seems to work for me: https://lonm.vivaldi.net/

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    1. Logout
    2. Clear all cokkies
    3. Login at vivaldi.net
    4. In top right click on your avatar
    5. Click My Blog
    6. And your personal blog will be opened

    Works for me.

  • @lonm Well, lucky you. Personally I can't log in, and I'd expect other users have the same issue. Since there is no official release yet, this is no reason to worry.

  • @gwen-dragon Nope, I did what you suggested, and I get the same error. I also tried it from Safari and Opera, which are 2 completely reset browsers without any extensions in my case, and I get the same error still. But as said, it's likely it isn't released for everyone yet. Have you guys made blog posts before? Because I haven't. Maybe that's the reason.

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    @luetage said in where does blog posting feautre went?:

    Have you guys made blog posts before? Because I haven't. Maybe that's the reason.

    No, i had no blog.
    Perhaps something not well configured.
    But let us wait until the personal blogs are official. And uneasy to aks as our webdev is out of office and will come back monday.

  • @luetage said in where does blog posting feautre went?:

    But as said, it's likely it isn't released for everyone yet. Have you guys made blog posts before? Because I haven't. Maybe that's the reason.

    I've never created a blog either, but it worked for me following @Gwen-Dragon

    Login at https://vivaldi.net/
    In top right click on your avatar
    Click My Blog

    Gives me the option to create a blog!?

  • hello zikkeratak
    yup; visited your blog. is it all too much?
    Becoming a member now involves vivaldi browser preferences, and there is a lot of those, blog building preferences, a joy though a task, and community settings. It is a lot to embrace. soon, more mail and sync settings. TbGbe did you create a blog? It would be interesting to know what power user's reaction will apply to vivaldi blog that do or do not have outlet elsewhere.

  • @tbgbe Look, it doesn't matter. But the issue is I can't log in in the first place, and I would suspect that's the same for others too. I can't do more than try it on 3 different browser, 2 of them completely reset.

    What we do know is you can't visit a blog page, like @LonM linked, if the user hasn't written a blog yet.


  • @luetage Sorry, but as I said I haven't written a blog and I can read both of the ones you linked.

    I suspect you already know this, but just as a check - can you login to both vivaldi.net and vivaldi.com (both require third party cookies to access each other).

  • My mistake, I've written it in an unintended meaning, fixed my post. What I meant to say was, you can't visit the blog site of a user, who hasn't created a blog yet. Therefore everyone can access LonM's blog site, but no one mine -- or so I would have thought! You say you can access my page? I can't do that, even when logged out. And as said, I tried it with completely clean browsers, third party cookies set to allow as per default.

    When I try to access this page https://luetage.vivaldi.net/, I get redirected to https://vivaldi.net/ every time.

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    @luetage It's true that if you have not created a blog, the address starting with the username has not actually been created yet. It's not just that you can't go there. There is no such address. Your user page can be accessed, because it exists. Your blog page cannot be accessed, because it does not exist.

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