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  • I have a relatively big feature coming up soon, and I'm glad I took my time with releasing it, because as you may have noticed, the Vivaldi Forum header has changed dramatically. There are more options/links, which were always previously available on the blog page, and they increased the size by 20px and put up a Vivaldi lettering beside the logo.

    Quick question, do you guys want me to revert theses changes (lettering and spacing, I guess no one minds more link options), or are you fine with it? Or do you want it optional? I will pack this into the next release.

    Personally I think the 20 pixels more in the header are completely uncalled for, and especially painful for people with smaller/lower resolution screens.

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    @luetage You might want to wait a few days or hours until the release of the new userblogs for Once that's out and established, you'll know exactly what we're going to be working with over the next nert-term future.

  • @ayespy The new user blogs need a higher header, and floating highlights and misaligned dropdowns? I don't know, maybe I'm just overly critical. I fixed it all for myself anyway just now, it's no big deal. But I don't know why something like this is released unto the public.

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    @luetage It's a silent rollout. There may be more changes before the announcement.

  • wow it is beautiful.

  • It's an unfortunate situation. A big change introduced on a Friday with no follow up for at least 3 days. Seems like we will have to wait this one out. I do wonder if something will be done about it though. After the changes to the threaded replies header no one ever fixed them. And it's been a few weeks since then. Should nothing happen in the following days I'm gonna fix the freshly introduced bugs in the next version.

  • Very nice, but why the plug-in realisation? Usually, people who use such modifications do it with two or one plug-ins implementing custom CSS and JS into any website. Why not JS+CSS scripts sharing? It's nice, really, but it's also not actually good for user to install plug-in for a single site instead of using what he most likely already has. You think it worth an additional plug-in, someone else thinks the same for some other site, and we eventually have a huge pack of little plug-ins for huge pack of sites when we could have just two good plug-ins and don't be anxious about the browser productivity.

    Would be nice if you share JS+CSS code here with any public code pad. I really love your work, very clear and accurate, and I also couldn't find such a beautiful dark theme on, so I'm really excited to finally find what I wanted. But though I think the plug-in will help people who doesn't know how code implementing plug-ins work, for others, I think, scripts sharing would be more useful.

    Thank you.

  • @maniastern
    Re-read @luetage 1st op in this thread. His extension IS a combination of stuff from here.

  • @dleon
    Got it. But what the stuff specifically? And the code, as I get it, was edited after creating the plug-in, so there is a difference between this code and the code in the "Forum customization" thread.

    I mean... it's just not a hard task to share the code with codepad when one updates the plig-in and its thread, anyway. But it'd simplify using very much. Since it's a combination of scripts, even if the scripts weren't edited, sharing would be a good thing, because one shares not the scripts, but the combination of them.

  • @maniastern The extension is clearly for people who use the forum regularly. Obviously no one would install an extension for each site they visit. You can compare the forum mod to the reddit enhancement suite -- a tool for specialists to get more out of the site.

    The extension is made up of javascript and css mods. You can download it, pick out what you need and make a simple userscript out of the parts you want to use. Vivaldi gladly allows userscripts in the extension environment. But that's not that easy to do, you gotta look out for issues when the forum is updated and stay on top of it. Therefore providing the community with a modular extension was the logical thing to do.

    Btw., sorry for the lack of updates during the last month, just a few more days for the really big update.

  • @luetage
    Yes, I actually can extract the scripts, but... it's not exactly what I'm talking about. I meant, you already update the thread after the plug-in updating, so it wouldn't be so hard to update codepad with extracted userscripts. It's just... something logical for the plug-in author to share the userscript from it (since it's far more easier for creator to do it) instead of forcing users to extract the scripts on their own.

    I understand what are you talking about when you mention regular using, but it's still the problem. I didn't meant people install a plug-in for every site they visit, but Vivaldi Forum is not the only popular site in the world, isn't it? I have many favourite sites and I use userscripts for each of them. And it's normal for Vivaldi users, because, you know, we here love customization)

  • @maniastern said in Vivaldi Forum mod:

    It's just... something logical for the plug-in author to share the userscript from it...

    Hmm, I fear it's not, it's a lot (and I mean really A LOT) of extra work, and besides, I actually want people to use the extension -- believe it or not :P
    And I don't know of any extension authors who do this. Your best bet is the forum customization thread -- themes and mods copied/downloaded from there work out on their own. It's true that I heavily customised everything, so picking Vivaldi Forum Mod apart isn't simple. But for it to work the way it does, this step was needed.

    And about forcing users.... this hurts, I'm not forcing anyone to use this. It's provided as is, but if you find bugs or have a feature request, I'll happily look into it. But this is just an unreasonable request :/

  • @luetage
    Okay, got it. Sorry)

  • Probably too rude but it works xD
    Hooked via vivaldi forum mod lol

    /*Hide >all< deleted posts*/
    li.deleted {display: none !important;}
    /*Reduce posts margins*/
    li[component="post"] {
    	border-bottom: 1px solid !important;
    	border-radius: 0px !important;
    	margin-bottom: 1px !important;}
    /*Increase container (test)
    .container {width: 95% !important;}*/

  • Why rude? You can "hook" any css you want, just put it into default.css and you're good to go. The problem is the additional code will be deleted on update, so you have to save it outside and copy it back in occasionally.

  • @luetage said in Vivaldi Forum mod:

    Why rude? You can "hook" any css you want, just put it into default.css and you're good to go. The problem is the additional code will be deleted on update, so you have to save it outside and copy it back in occasionally.

    as approach, sometimes li.deleted are not blank but none still hide them :)

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