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  • @lonm Nice, I haven't tried that yet as I don't use FF on Android right now. Maybe it's time to fix the mistakes and theming in the mobile sidebar then. Does everything work, including custom themes and user css?

  • version 1.46
    Link to the unofficial Vivaldi Discord chat and the official Vivaldi store added to footer. Copy all code button is consistent on all themes now. Fix for vertical code scrolling (removed space and up/down movement of the hljs part).

    The link to the chat should be useful to make more users aware of it, the store link is just a bonus. The code markdown display has a fixed scrollbar now and the copy_all_code button stays in place. I also added a hover color to the button.

    What I don't know is if the scroll bar width is consistent on different operating systems. The copy all code button is placed flush in the upper right corner when the scroll bar is visible, please tell me if it overlaps for any of you, so I can fix it accordingly.

  • @luetage It all seems to work. The latest versions of firefox have WebExtension support that is essentially the same as chrome's API. The only problem is it doesn't load in the Forum PWA firefox creates, but that's more a firefox limitation than the extension.

  • @lonm I finally got it to work with chrome store foxified. Seems fine indeed. What's different is the menu of course, the custom entries are naturally missing on the mobile site, and the menu itself isn't themed properly (it takes highlights and certain other things from the theme), but for simply getting a dark theme running with a few extra modifications it's enough.


  • @luetage Quick access to own blog? :P
    A button like the one made for bookmarks maybe, but after webmail to not clog the layout =)
    Or just an entry in the menu (where avatar is) which probably is better

  • Moderator

    @hadden89 Ideally, a link to a user's blog would be on every user's avatar.

    0_1521025399676_Users Blog.png

  • I thought about this when the new blog system came out and I didn't really come to a conclusion.

    @Hadden89 We have to ask what is the reason to go to your own blog? You wrote your blog entries, so you likely don't visit to read them again. Your reason for a visit is approving new comments, or writing a new blog entry, or editing the look/interface. For all of this you have to be logged in and you aren't automatically logged in, if you visit the link from the forum – you have to log in anew. I argue it is equally fast to click on "Community" in the forum header, log in and just click on "My Blog" in the community avatar dropdown.

    @Pesala The usercard is the perfect place for a link to a member's blog. It's easily accessible, because you don't have to visit a user's profile first. I like it – and I remember you proposed this earlier in another thread. I already looked into implementing this, but there are several problems…

    We would have to iterate through every avatar on a topic page and listen for clicks, then upon usercard creation we would have to check for the name, transform it into a link and add it to the card. While this is possible, it adds a lot of code which is continuously running and it would only work on paginated setups. But I could see this being worth it nevertheless, if it weren't for the fact that we can't assure a user's blog even exists. For the majority of usercards we would add links which are pointless redirects to the main community site (

    The truth is it's hard to implement this from an extension, but the Vivaldi team would have an easy time adding this blog link native to the nodeBB forum code. It's the perfect forum feature request, only problem is they don't seem to have time to work on the forum.

    Currently it makes more sense to advertise your blog in your signature, or in the "about me" section on your own profile. Both of these options can be edited by clicking the "Edit forum" entry in the avatar dropdown menu when using the Forum mod. This doesn't solve the problem of accessing other member's blogs, but as said, I feel that's a problem Vivaldi could handle much cleaner.

  • ver 1.47-1.48
    – Additional exceptions for copy all code button (blockquote, non formatted).
    – Fixed a small error related to calculated colors in custom themes.

    I wonder where this should go next honestly. We could think about translations and while this is relatively easy to setup, it's a pain to maintain.

    Anyway, in the meantime I made another custom theme for myself, it's an update to the gray-pink theme really, making the former rather obsolete.
    –––> neon (download)

  • @luetage
    Hi, I use the forum mod since beginning and I like it.
    Is it possible to change font size for the forum?
    I use Minimum Font Size setting in Vivaldi settings but it does not affect forum font size
    What can I do. :)

    Cheers, mib

  • @mib2berlin Yeah, you can do that. Click the edit button beside User CSS and input body {font-size: 12px}, then click back, tick the User CSS line and click save to save to storage. You will immediately notice a difference. Of course not every element with fonts on Vivaldi is controlled by this, but it's a start – you can always inspect elements you want to change and just add them to your CSS.

  • @luetage
    This was fast!
    As I already have 14 in Vivaldi settings I had to go to 16 to get affect.
    So I realize the Vivaldi setting does effect forum font size.
    Feel blind now, need 16 point because I am very old. Haha.
    Many thanks for the fast help, can play now with user CSS to change your extension to my needs.

    Cheers, mib

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    @mib2berlin said in Vivaldi Forum mod:

    Feel blind now, need 16 point because I am very old.

    It's not as bad as you think: 16pix = 12pt @ 96dpi.

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