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  • @steffie said in Vivaldi Forum mod:

    Tomorrow i shall mimic this in SS.

    So much for that plan... i've now also done SS tonight too, given the damn thing kept crashing every time i closed my single-tab 2nd window [= the Stylus edit page]. So now both browsers are back to std version of your extension, with my Stylus V sheet modded, hence now i eat cake. Teehee.

  • Version 1.34

    Changes since 1.31:

    • Bugfix for the bookmarking feature (in rare cases overwrote other menu entries)
    • Additional font-icon change for nested quotes
    • Custom notification icons alignment fix on notifications page
    • Feature request and default button spacing improvement
    • Custom themes: added table coloring, removed styling for special tags, standard background and hover coloring for default buttons, changes to settings, search and notifications page.

    The update went live yesterday, therefore everyone should have received it by now.

    Bonus: m_o_r.json [download]

    0_1518248575453_Screenshot 2018-02-10 08.42.00.png

  • @luetage : as the question popped up in another topic:

    Wouldn't providing a direct link to the "own forum profile edit page" (profile url + "/edit") make another nice feature in the forum mod? e.g. by adding a link in the profile menu which opens when clicking on your account symbol top right?

  • @morg42 Yeah, why not. I thought about putting this link up on extension release, but I was unsure and forgot about it later on. Consider it done.

    0_1518437922332_Screenshot 2018-02-12 13.18.17.png

  • Which brings us to

    version 1.36

    • New "Hidden Edit" link in avatar dropdown menu
    • Fixing an issue where all dropdown text is selected on opening a dropdown.
    • Default custom theme changed to Solarized Light.

  • @luetage Thanks again. The «Hidden edit» feature is a very welcome one.

  • @hlehyaric I don't know if Hidden edit is a fitting name for this. I'm open to suggestions. We can change this any time. The font-icons will be changed too in next version.

  • Very good! Honestly I had not seen this post before! Thank you! 😃

  • @luetage said in Vivaldi Forum mod:

    I'm open to suggestions.

    Legacy edit, more edits or edit+? 😕

  • @luetage Hidden edit, Hidden settings, Hidden profile, I don't really care. Now, I can access it easily and that's that really matters.

  • I guess the two "edit" entries should reflect the "community profile" and the "forum profile". So maybe "edit profile" and "edit forum profile", though I'm aware that these texts get longer than may be wanted...

  • Yeah, that's correct, I haven't thought about it this way, but the community edit is indeed different, not even the website input is taken over to the forum. And yes, may be too long, hmm...

    By the way, I wouldn't recommend editing the name in the forum profile edit environment, this should be done on the community site alone. Everything else is safe I think.

  • How about this?

    0_1518473643480_Screenshot 2018-02-12 23.13.51.png

  • Probably not clear to people new to the forum, but I like it.

  • @luetage I like it too. I think @Morg42 is right, but will a new member download the extension when he/she registers? I guess you have to play around with the forum to begin with, before coming to VF mod.

  • The mod is directed at specialists. Besides, if you are new to the forum, it isn't clear the original Edit link sends you away from the forum to the community site -- this comes as a surprise. You have to click the link to realise this. Since you like it, let's keep it -- I think it's sufficiently logical.

  • Ok, here's something for the geeks.

    version 1.37

    • New: User CSS input and storage
    • Improvements to avatar dropdown menu
    • Status offline/invisible changes for custom theme

    There's a new form accessible through the options page, which allows you to input custom css. The code can be activated and saved from the main screen. This allows you to run your own mods, make changes to existing themes, or even load your own theme. Up until now such changes had to be loaded through another extension (e.g. Stylus), or reintroduced after every update. I hope you find this useful.

    If you run into any problems just tell me, this feature could be considered beta, but I hope it's fine.

    0_1518544953609_Screenshot 2018-02-13 19.02.19.png

  • I want to add to this, because the question has come up in chat.
    The limit of 8KB for the User CSS is a chrome restriction. An item saved to storage can't exceed this limit. To work around this User CSS would have to be saved with, which is the old method and isn't used anywhere else in the extension. For most use cases 8KB should be more than enough, but if you need more storage we can change this up, just tell me -- the new limit would be 5MB.

    And incidentally the first practical implementation of User CSS has just presented itself. The temporary notification about the update on top of every page can be hidden with .footer-notification {display: none !important}. The code should only be run until 16th February, because you probably don't wanna miss out on similar notifications in future.

  • @luetage
    Nice ^^
    Hooked few lines of user css with sprucey theme... seems ok 🙂

  • Ambassador

    @luetage Maybe nit-picking, but the word is sprucely = In a stylish manner.

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