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    @burbuja Like this in the settings:


  • Quick update version 2.3
    Fixes for pagination on all themes, code background color fix for theme machine.

    No one seems to have noticed this broke, so I guess we're fine bug

  • @luetage I noticed some changes regarding pagination (a blue background), with some inconsistencies (sometimes a blue background, sometimes the real background), hence I was not sure if there was some kind of bug (a change in the forum) or something wrong I did (silly me). Anyway, thanks a lot to remedy to something we didn't mention.

  • @hlehyaric Next time please do complain 😛
    And look @LonM, after 2 months he's still live streaming how to import themes, that's what I call dedication.

  • Was there an update of this mod recently?
    I'm suddenly getting a different and smaller font and as far as I can see this is nothing (beside in global settings) I have control of, right?

  • @goedl What theme are you using?

  • @luetage said in Vivaldi Forum mod:

    @goedl What theme are you using?

    I don't know. A dark one. Looking at the configure page I think I remember that I selected (long time ago) "Sprucey Bonus Dark".
    Playing around now I'm neither getting my familiar look and feel nor the one why I made my posting.
    But I think I can live with the "new" "Sprucey Bonus Dark". At least the font is again Arial but the size still could be bigger for my taste.

  • @goedl Sprucey features a smaller font for categories. If you'd like a larger font and keep using Sprucey then you can edit your custom css. Go to settings, pick modifications at top, click "toggle" under User CSS to turn on user css and make your changes.


    .categories>li .content h2, .category>ul>li .content h2 {
        font-size: 20px;

    If you have more font-sizes you want to change inspect the according element on the forum, find the font-size entry, copy the selectors and input a new font size in user css. When you're done just hit save and reload to view the changes.

  • @luetage Thanks. Will try. Still not sure how it comes that suddenly the familiar settings (without ever using custom CSS) are lost.

  • @goedl The forum was updated some months ago, when that happened all themes broke and every theme was fixed. Can be Sprucey was changed at that point to reintroduce the original font size for categories. Anyway, are you getting the font size issue with any other theme? You can also create your own color theme in settings. The VFM main code doesn't do many changes to font sizes, most stays original.

  • version 2.4
    Vivaldi Forum mod featuring @tam710562

    • Theme previews for VFM themes and Vivaldi browser themes in topics.
    • Vietnamese translation

    The theme previews are created by theme code, which is shared in a post.


    Themes for Vivaldi browser can be shared by exporting with the custom modification Import and Export Themes. Vivaldi Forum mod themes can be shared or imported by using the extension settings.


    This new default mod has been created by tam710562, who is also responsible for the Vietnamese translation. I hope there will be more translations going forward, we're still missing translations for some of the most active communities on Vivaldi Forum. Everyone is welcome to contribute.

  • Could you please add this style as default (maybe it'll need some overwrites)?

    #nprogress .bar {
        background: var(--colorHi);
    #nprogress .peg {
        box-shadow: 0 0 10px var(--colorHi), 0 0 5px var(--colorHi);

  • @potmeklecbohdan Is that the bar that runs at top when loading a site?

  • @luetage Correct.

  • @potmeklecbohdan I'll look at it, but it won't be default. I'll put it into the theme machine. But I guess that's your intention anyway.

  • @luetage … … … I still don't get why should it be in the theme machine… If it won't be default why shouldn't it be in the Mods part? Or do you think it should be something like Accent color from website — used only if it matches the colour scheme?

  • @potmeklecbohdan Hmm, I fear we have a misunderstanding here. You are using theme color variables to set the color of the bar. Color variables are only available in custom themes. Therefore I would put these 2 lines into the custom.css file of the themes folder – which makes them available to all themes featured in the theme machine section. If you want the bar in the other themes too, you will have to provide more code, talk to the authors.

  • @luetage Sorry, I forgot about other themes than custom ones… yes, that makes sense.

  • @potmeklecbohdan No problem, it's not a bad idea. I completely ignored the bar at top so far. It's most likely one of, if not the only, non themed part of custom themes.

  • @luetage If you use blue-shaded theme it's easy to ignore. But with my green one (and yellow/brown Vivaldi) it has been annoying me…

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