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  • @luetage Faaaaaaaaaaabulous, many thanks.

  • @Steffie I'm not sure about this anyway. Does everyone think "Share" is confusing? In all other languages the equivalent of "export" is in use. I picked the word share, because I have the hope this will encourage people to share their themes and additionally I'd expect some sort of dialog when dealing with an exporting function, but I get the feeling it's just not clear enough. We can rename it back to "Export" any time. I honestly don't know what makes more sense.

  • @luetage It confused me, but that does not mean necessarily that it would confuse anyone else. I just didn't think it through. My wrong assumption was that as there was an Import function, & i wanted to do an Export but there was no so-marked button, i just wrongly assumed there was no export function. It did not cross my mind to try the Share button, as i presumed that was for me somehow posting some link online.

    Now that you explained it to me i get it, & it worked fine.

  • @Steffie The issue is you're not the first, lol.

  • The thought was sharing themes, was it?
    I use it with this custom code:

    #submenu {
        background-color: var(--colorDrop) !important;
        color: var(--colorDropFg) !important;
    #submenu a:focus, #submenu a:hover, #submenu > a {
        background-color: var(--colorDropHi) !important;

    (just tried gmail basic HTML with invert filter ☺)

  • @potmeklecbohdan Nice theme, thanks for sharing.

    By the way, I updated the first post of this thread and included all themes that were previously available through the zip file. Themes that you have previously saved as file are compatible with our current setup. When you paste the contents of the file into the import field, it will be imported without problem.

  • Here's mine


    I'm using it with some CSS mods.

  • Great theme! Reminds me of a cake I dig chef

  • version 2.2

    Last release in 2018. The update is up on webstore, but could take a few hours to arrive in your installs.

    This release fixes the white flash on custom themes. Previously when a custom theme loaded, the color variables needed a little time to kick in. I made some code changes which address this problem. I couldn't get it to disappear completely, as the header still slightly flashes two thirds of the time, but the flash on the body should be gone completely. At least I hope so, it's the way it behaves on my installation. Feedback is appreciated.

    I also made a few updates targeting the edit area for custom themes. The color inputs look a lot nicer now and the theming should be more consistent overall.

    0_1546267031250_Screenshot 2018-12-31 15.36.51.png

    What I forgot to mention in the 2.0 release is that you can use the TAB key in the User CSS input now, which makes it easier writing correctly formatted CSS directly. The input will translate a tab to 4 spaces, which makes it compatible with text editors.

    Another point we haven't really talked about in detail are translations. The language being used is dependent on your browser language. If you have set one language in Vivaldi, but want to use another language for the Forum mod, this isn't possible. That's standard behaviour of chrome extensions, which don't allow choosing the language in the extension settings, but will always read it out from the browser settings. And of course you have to set your desired language in Vivaldi Forum settings too.

    0_1546267256689_Screenshot 2018-12-31 15.40.33.png

    Looking at the activity of communities on Vivaldi Forum, I believe a Russian and a Japanese translation would make sense. So if you speak Russian/Japanese and English, I would be delighted if you considered a translation. The only thing I can offer in return is credits in the extension, which should bring pride, fame and fortune (in this exact order).

    Happy New Year in advance!

  • @luetage Thanks a lot for the new version. We did receive a Xmas version and now a New Year's version!
    Happy New Year to all VF Mod contributors (and to anyone else reading this message!).

  • @Ornorm You forgot to mention all the VFM users not reading this message. Don't they deserve a great new year and all the best too? Shouldn't all their wishes and dreams come true in 2019? You're lucky they haven't read your message. If I was one of them, I would feel left out.

  • @luetage said in Vivaldi Forum mod:

    all the VFM users not reading this message

    Oh no no nooooooo. They are the Unclean, the Other, the Unbelievers. Come the Revolution, they'll be the first up against the wall... or second, after the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation Marketing Executives of course.

  • @luetage said:

    @Ornorm You forgot to mention all the VFM users not reading this message.

    @Ornorm said:

    (and to anyone else reading this message!).


  • @potmeklecbohdan Thanks for having taken the necessary time to read my message until the end 😉
    I believe @luetage was a bit blinded by the brightness of all the fireworks he saw yesterday 🎆
    I wish you the best for 2019 : stay or become yourselves, find or cultivate happiness, share the joy and dive into your dreams. 🤗

  • @Ornorm I get the feeling @Steffie was the only one who understood it… Discover your inner Australian, guys drunk

  • @luetage It's my firm belief that there's very very little in Life [, the Universe, & Everything] that can't be beneficially viewed through the clarifying lens of HHGTTG, with Monty Python as failsafe backup. Whatever does not fit here, is ipso facto of such little merit as to be safely dismissable. bigsmile

  • Moderator

    @LonM said in Vivaldi Forum mod:

    I'd post some examples themes but I'm away on holiday right now. Good to see this update finally get released as the new options page looks very good.

    Here's some:


  • 0_1547035974803_e9f5d305-5ec4-4dc4-a341-56819711f231-image.png

  • @LonM Sorry for my stupid question: how can I import them? Save as .json and then?

  • @burbuja Copy a theme code, go to settings extension, click Import, paste it.

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