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  • @luetage
    No need to hurry just wanted to know if this is a bug or not - and yeah I forgot again about the blue button -.-' ehrm... thanks for reminding me ^^

  • Ok, found the problem. This will be fixed in the next update, likely today.

  • Update should be live now. However, I don't really know how fast the chrome store pushes these.

    New in 0.52
    -Theme DarkGrey by @sjudenim
    -Logo animation by @wiiija
    -Improvements to LightGrey and Sprucey Bonus Dark, bugfixes.

    A big thank you @sjudenim for making such wonderful themes! The logo animation was pulled out of the Sprucey theme and made available as separate option for all themes. As a result you have to reenable it in options, if you want to keep using it in this theme.

  • @luetage
    Update is there - a thanks a lot for the instant fix 👍

  • I don't know how much time you want to spend to fix minor bugs especially if they are only of cosmetic nature with no functionality limited.
    In case you plan to do so:

    The one I found actually happens only with the following themes:

    • DarkGrey
    • LightGrey
    • Sprucey Bonus Dark

    When you hit the button to show Replies - the up-and-downvote buttons of the original post are cut by about a quarter.

    0_1501847841087_viv mod forum.png

  • @zaibon That's probably an easy fix. If you check it with developer tools you will notice that the reply simply overlaps the buttons -- even on the standard Vivaldi theme. You just don't notice it because the background is transparent there.

  • @luetage
    Just noticed that you already fixed this - thanks a lot again ^^

  • @zaibon yep, I made a silent update in between, with this fix and some theme inconsistency stuff.

    New in 0.60
    -Theme Mod
    -Fix for viewing uploaded images while using a theme

    The new update from just a few minutes ago introduces a new theme. Please tell me if you spot any inconsistencies with it. I made heavy use of comments in the code for the theme this time, in the hope that it will help members write their own themes (makes reusing code easier).

    I also thought about introducing a new modification, namely letting users pick a specific logo independently from theme, but I don't know if anybody really wants this. Moreover it's likely Vivaldi will introduce a new forum logo soon, therefore this mod might be implemented after this has happened.

    Theme Mod


  • @luetage Sorry, it seems like I posted too soon, the chrome store hasn't pushed the update yet, at least not on my installed version. You can force the update by ticking developer mode and clicking "Update extensions now". Next time I'll wait with the post until it's active.

  • @luetage
    I am off for a short four day vacation but I am eager to have a look at it afterwards

  • @luetage

    Thanks for the update.

    To make things even easier for would be modders, how about creating colour variables at the start of the code?

    For example, this is how I started a theme I made for Vimeo

    /* Color Variables */
        --main-background: #0f0f0f;
        --second-background: #141414;
        --third-background: #1a1a1a;
        --hover-background: #3A3A3A;
        --main-font-color: #c0c0c0;
        --second-font-color: #808080;
        --header-font-color: #607680;
        --highlight-font-color: #fff;     
        --button-background: #607680;
        --button-background-hover: #8a9ea8;
        --link-color: #00acee;
        --link-color-hover: #26c2ff;

    now when you style the elements you can use

    background: var(--main-background);
    color: var(--main-font-color);


    This way it's easier to give a theme a fresh look without having to dig through the code

  • @sjudenim That's a good idea. But I wonder how to implement it. Use it on an existing theme, provide a new basic theme that takes advantage of this, or use the custom theme and set the basic colors to be standard like.

  • I'm late to the thread, but nice work.

  • I believe it would be really nice if we could manage to create at least one Holiday/Xmas/Christmas theme until coming December. There is about 4 months time, but I thought I mention this now so anyone, who wants to give this a try, has enough time to come up with something.

    I will add the themes to the extension of course. In the unlikely event there are a ton of submissions, the best ones will be added.

  • Version 0.66
    I noticed that Vivaldi Forum uses up to 5 different font sizes in a single post. 14px, 13px, 12px, 11px and 8 pixel. This is madness, if we can learn anything from decades of website design and centuries of bookprint, then less is obviously more.

    This update reduces the font sizes used in a single post to just 2 (+ another for the parent-post-button), and I think it looks far cleaner now. I also removed the mess that is the current threaded reply header and reverted it to the old format. But this might change in a future update.

    If you notice anything else, please let me know. Update should be live by now.

  • Moderator

    I've experimented with something that I find quite useful.
    Something like this in themes.js:

    var now = new Date();
    var hours = now.getHours();
    if (hours < 8 || hours > 21){
    	var TdarkGrey = document.createElement("link");
    	//... stuff to load the theme in

    That way you could have a light theme during the day and a dark one at night.

  • @lonm Not a bad idea, it'd be like scheduled theming in the browser, with the difference that it cannot switch over automatically, the user needs to reload the page. There could even be an automatic reload, but this is probably too invasive.

  • This is really cool, thank you 🙂

  • "one Holiday/Xmas/Christmas theme until coming December. "
    luetage. Your themes seem to be working to the delight of many individuals. Something for everybody is the success of your platform. It seems to be working. about the forum decorating: winter decoration is wintery decoration. minus the other themes that luetage mention. I am willing to take the unpopular stance that enjoying the winter holidays does not include insincere and parodied foisting of symbolism from a international browser community. usually becomes limited to a snowman and ice skates. status quo is preferable from within the forum, while allowing decoration to come from outside the forum as users share their winter and summer, desert and alpine exclamations of the moment. when i donate a snowflake the Aleuts, Azores, NewZealanders, Australia, Iceland will grit with great patience for different reasons. picking a time period for Winter Holiday decoration from inside a international forum does not serve the purpose of uniting users; instead it illustrates differences. It can cause one user to feel as an outsider. We do not want that. We all should celebrate our diversity, but it doesn't work that way in reality.
    with great respect of the work from all involved here

  • I have a relatively big feature coming up soon, and I'm glad I took my time with releasing it, because as you may have noticed, the Vivaldi Forum header has changed dramatically. There are more options/links, which were always previously available on the blog page, and they increased the size by 20px and put up a Vivaldi lettering beside the logo.

    Quick question, do you guys want me to revert theses changes (lettering and spacing, I guess no one minds more link options), or are you fine with it? Or do you want it optional? I will pack this into the next release.

    Personally I think the 20 pixels more in the header are completely uncalled for, and especially painful for people with smaller/lower resolution screens.

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