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    The Dark Gray theme is excellent, good work

  • @catweazle Dark-Gray and Light-Gray have been created by @sjudenim and were introduced here:
    I take no credit for this 😛

    And thanks for bringing this up, mentioning someone brings up a pop-up I didn't theme, and making a smiley brings up another pop-up I forgot too.

  • @narsis Glad you like it.
    The white background is on purpose, to distinguish the write area from the background and the preview. But yeah, I can see why people could get annoyed by this, especially if the composer is expanded and full screen. I'm gonna change the write area to background hi and the preview to the actual background color (for natural preview). Will be in next update, likely in a few hours. Thank you for the suggestion.

  • @luetage this is pure awesomeness! 😃 love the sprucey bonus dark and that we can even make custom themes! \o/ Thanks so much for this! Much much appreciated! 😃

  • VF Mod Version 1.21
    In this update I made some more improvements to the custom theme. Additionally I played around with color combinations, and stumbled upon the Solarized palette (again) and it's a nice fit. I made a dark and a light theme and both use the original project colors. Try it out if you like. Simply download the files and use the import function in the custom theme settings to load.


  • I have a dumb request. Could someone who hasn't sent me a message yet, send me a message please? I have a feeling I forgot to theme this, and you can't simulate it. I've got a few messages over the last day, but these were all continuing a conversation....

    edit: done, thanks

  • Version 1.23 released.
    Containing more improvements for the custom theme. There isn't a stone left unturned by now, and I think it's pretty much finished. Furthermore @sjudenim helped me fix an issue with the flickering Forum button on selected themes, which was non trivial, to put it mildly.

    Another thing: I never used Sprucey Bonus Dark myself, and the original author has since left the site. When I implemented it I asked for his permission, which he gladly gave, but he stopped working on it when it was still only semi-finished. I fixed it up back then, but didn't put any more work into it. Looking at it now it's a broken theme, there are countless inconsistencies and I'm thinking about putting it to rest. Do you want me to make a proper theme out of it, or Is anyone willing to jump in and do this? It has to be said the foundation of the theme is strong. Don't know. Opinions please.

  • I'm not using it. Put it to rest, if no one speaks out for it...

  • @luetage said in Vivaldi Forum mod:

    Sprucey Bonus Dark

    Used to use it, but switched to Solarized now.

  • @luetage i'm using sprucey bonus dark. but i guess i can make a custom darker one instead.

  • @acidinmyfridge It's ok, I decided to save it. It's the first theme that was ever made for Vivaldi, it's probably worth it. In progress.

  • I'm done, we are at version 1.25 now. Sprucey Bonus Dark is finished (350 lines of code later...). If you wanna test it, you might have to enable developer mode and update extensions manually -- the update is live on the store, but receiving it automatically usually takes some hours. I hope it turned out ok, I reused some of the design choices of the custom theme to make this easier, but generally tried to stay true to the basics. The white link color I would have changed, but it was a conscious choice by the original author. To each their own ^^

  • Version 1.31
    Brings back the Tooltips mod. It had been removed in 1.0 and instead tooltips were disabled by default, because I thought they are causing a flickering of the header menu buttons, but it turned out the problem was more complicated than that. I don't think anyone really needs these tooltips, but it's better to have the choice. Enable the mod to disable the header menu and navigation tooltips (regular tooltips in the body always display anyway).

    As a bonus I add the download for a theme I made just now. I call it Pro because it features golden forum links ^^

    Download: pro.json

    By the way, you can also share themes by pasting the hexadecimal colors of the theme. You can look them up by inspecting the site with devtools (the first 7 colors you are presented with are the user chosen ones, the rest is calculated and not needed), or you click on the color in the custom theme options interface and open the second tab. This will display the hex code on the bottom and you can copy it from there. Overall exporting and importing is simpler though.

    For the Pro theme it would look like this:
    Background: #2a3132
    Foreground: #d9dacf
    Highlight: #3ea6ba
    Button: #763626
    Dropdown: #363f40
    Link: #90afc5
    Link Post: #b8a68a

    0_1517154262183_Screenshot 2018-01-28 16.29.10.png

  • @luetage Great. And thanks a lot.

  • Hi @luetage -- i continue to use your extension "permanently", & continue to think it's excellent. This morning though i stumbled across something i'd never noticed before, & need your advice pls.

    My V "daily driver" is Snapshot, but this morning to test something in Stable i temporarily changed to that for my morning forum browsing. Stable, soon after launching, picked up the latest version of your extension, which as you know is disabled til the user reauthorises it. Because therefore i was browsing the forum without your extension [i did not initially realise this], i noticed a bit of info i'd never seen before:

    With the extension re-enabled, this helpful extra info vanishes [ditto with all RHS boxes unticked]:

    What am i doing wrong pls? I want my cake & eat it... ie, keep using your extension but also retain visibility of this extra info. Is there a Setting that i have wrong pls?

    PS: I later verified the same behaviour occurs in Snapshot.

  • Oh yeah, I removed this additional info in September when Vivaldi introduced it. As you can see Vivaldi hasn't finished styling it, is using multiple font-sizes and it just doesn't look good. You can read about it in the changelog, but I think I mentioned it in this thread too.

    We can talk about going back on this, enabling this as extra mod, or styling it to make it work. But for now you can simply go to default.css in the extension directory and delete the according css (delete the whole *threaded replies cleanup* section from line 58).

    I initially hoped Vivaldi would go through and continue styling or changing it, but they haven't. Back then Vivaldi also introduced the big header and didn't finish styling it either. I don't quite understand it to be honest.

  • @luetage Excellent, now fixed in both V's, ta muchly.

  • I mean, look at this:

    0_1517795056225_Screenshot 2018-02-05 02.42.50.png

    0_1517795097330_Screenshot 2018-02-05 02.43.19.png

    The avatar pictures are so small that you can't see who it is anyway, and they have random text decoration: underline between them, the font-sizes for replies and last reply are entirely new for posts and have different coloring, and the last reply info is somewhat superfluous. I didn't think anyone would miss it 😛

  • @luetage said in Vivaldi Forum mod:

    I didn't think anyone would miss it 😛

    Steffie, a champion of lost & hopeless causes.

  • @steffie I just tried to fix this again, but I can't seem to find a satisfying solution. Seems like I will be keeping it hidden for the time being. This poses a problem for you, since you would need to delete these lines after every update, which is annoying. From your picture and from what i can recall you are using Stylus or Stylish to sideload a personal theme. It would be best if you reenable this for yourself with the help of this extension.

    Just add .avatars, span.replies-last.hidden-xs {display: unset;} to your theme css and the threaded replies should appear vanilla, without the need to do this repeatedly.

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