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  • @Hadden89 When I started working on the mod a few days ago, I noticed the last edit timestamp feature was broken. Signatures seemed to work fine. No way to check this now, am constrained to Firefox.

  • @luetage Just for information, Signature mod is broken for me too (custom theme + User CSS), though I didn't notice it until I read this thread. It seems that signatures don't matter much to me 😀.

    Compact Header mod is broken too. I was able to fix it, changing #vivaldiheader to #vivaldi-header. It seems the update brought some change in the code.

  • @hlehyaric Yeah, that's what happened. It's been the third or fourth time overall they changed the id for the header, not quite sure what's the point. Will have to look at the signature problem too, not sure what could have gone wrong. Maybe just a simple change of identification too.

  • Any way to hide best posts in latest post screen?


    Such posts are shown both in (last posts)
    but also in
    (replace hadden89 with you username, of course)

  • @Hadden89 Would have to be done with javascript, not sure if it's worth it.

  • Moderator

    @luetage Correct me if I'm wrong, but why shouldn't a lazy simple solution like this work? 🤔

    .col-lg-6 {
        width: 100% !important; }
    .col-lg-6:first-of-type {
        display: none; }

  • @pafflick Because no one can guarantee that this is the only place in nodeBB where this selector is being or will be used, it's general not specific. But you can of course put this in as custom css and use it if you so please.

  • Moderator

    @luetage I'm aware of that, I looked at all the most common places here and it was actually the only occurrence that I was able to find - though I wouldn't mind if you'd prove me wrong on this if you can... 😉
    Using JavaScript may seem like a more proper and failproof solution, but since we're talking about Vivaldi forum specifically (and not nodeBB in general), I can't see why this shouldn't be sufficient enough. If something can be fixed with two lines of code there's hardly any reason to put a vast amount of labor just to end up with pretty much the same results.
    After all, it's not like you wouldn't have to adjust your code again anyway if they decided to change the header id for the n-th time, for example. 😁

  • @luetage If you don't trust it, body has page-user in its classlist.

  • @potmeklecbohdan First off, I can't do anything about anything for the time being. And anyone who really dislikes the second column can load this as custom css easily, as mentioned previously. I won't introduce this as default modification, independent of javascript or css solution. The only question is, if it's worth it including as default mod and right now I would say no. But hey, I'm neither using a chromium browser nor the forum mod at the moment so what do I know.

    @pafflick 😉😁

  • BTW, the bookmarks icon doesn't show anymore in navigation bar, though I have Bookmarks in navigation mod checked. However, I'm able to access bookmarks through the profile menu (three dots on the right side of profile page), thanks to a change in forum.

  • @hlehyaric Bookmarks have been on the profile page for a relatively long time, the reason for the mod was to make them directly accessible. The mod worked when I last tried it, could be something changed over the last 2 weeks, not sure.

    Anyway, I'm gonna assemble a computer this weekend, so will be back in action soon.

  • Sorry if this has been reported before. The details are over my head.

    The main menu line at the top (Webmail Browser Download ...) has been showing up white when the rest is dark as desired for awhile now. It would be great if it can be fixed.

    I have used this extension for so long that I have forgotten it's not the default. Thanks so much for providing it.

  • @josephj11

    This is a known issue, a recent forum update has broken the header in all of the themes. You are just going to have to wait until the extension is updated.

    In the meantime however you could use my dark theme which I've updated, but you will need Stylus to run it

  • My user CSS wrote on top the "broken" sprucey theme.
    You probably need only the first two blocks.
    Maybe the others if you like what they does.
    Need auto-hide header mod off as is not covered here.

    /* Fix sprucey header/menu */
    #vivaldi-header {background: #2e3539;}
    #vivaldi-header a, #vivaldi-header a:visited {color: #fff;}
    #vivaldimenu a.current {color: #ff0e00;}
    /* Fix poor contrast areas */
    .topic .posts>li .post-footer a, 
    .topic .posts>li .post-header a,
    .breadcrumb a {color: #24948c;}
    .topic .posts>li .post-footer a:hover,
    .topic .posts>li .post-header a:hover,
    .breadcrumb a:hover,
    .chat-modal .chat-content
    .message-body-wrapper:hover .message-body,
    div[widget-area=header] a {color: #30c3b9;}
    .navbar-default .navbar-toggle:hover,
    .navbar-default .navbar-toggle:focus {background-color: #211;}
    /* Compact threads */
    li[component="post"] {
      border-bottom: 1px solid !important;
      border-radius: 0px !important;
      margin-bottom: 1px !important;
    .container {width: 99% !important;} /*more space*/
    /* Hide best posts */
    .col-lg-6 {width: 100% !important;}
    .col-lg-6:first-of-type {display: none;}
    /* Hide deleted posts */
    /*li.deleted[component="post"]{display: none;}*/
    /* I like necro-ing (a bit) */
    .necro-post {display: none;} 

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