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    Over the last year I've been working on an extension for Vivaldi Forum, combining modifications and themes created by members of the community. Vivaldi Forum mod tries to do for the forum, what Vivaldi does for the browser -- giving you the tools to make it your own. Its features can be split into three categories.


    Fixes, improvements and modifications, activated for all users.

    • Bookmarks fix: Fixes the link to the "Bookmarked" page in the dropdown menu on your profile. You can add a bookmark by opening the dropdown menu of any post (bottom-right corner).
    • Voting indicators
    • Profile alignment fix
    • Better font icons
    • Removed text decoration from first post tags
    • Cleaner threaded replies header
    • Correct cursor over advanced search panel and voting count
    • Reduced number of font sizes used in posts
    • Blockquote fontsize fix in search
    • Line breaks for code
    • Copy all code button
    • Link to hidden "edit forum profile" page
    • Link to options page from avatar dropdown menu (Forum mod)
    • Ability to save custom User CSS code to storage and activate it from options page.
    • Option to dismiss community notifications


    • Standard
    • DarkGrey
    • LightGrey
    • Mod
    • Sprucey Bonus Dark
    • Custom

    Choose between the standard (default Vivaldi), 4 elaborate user created themes, or the custom theme. The custom theme option is the latest addition to the collection and allows you to create your own theme by defining 7 different colors, similarly to the theme interface Vivaldi provides in its browser settings. For detailed information please read the introductory post.

    Download Custom Themes

    You can easily create your own custom themes by clicking edit beside the custom theme entry. But here are a few themes you can use as a starting point. Import them after download by clicking Import in the custom theme settings.


    Select any number of modifications to adapt Vivaldi to your needs and preferences.

    • Advanced formatting (includes emote picker)
    • Auto-hide header on scroll
    • Bookmarks in navigation
    • Compact header
    • Custom notification icons
    • Hide tooltips
    • Hide unread count
    • Last edit timestamp
    • Show User IDs
    • Signature mod
    • Square avatars

    Information on these modifications, the changelog as well as credits can be accessed in the Forum mod options. Visit the extension's options page by clicking the corresponding link in your avatar dropdown menu (Forum mod), or by clicking on Options beneath the Vivaldi Forum mod entry on the extensions page -- vivaldi://extensions/.

    A special thank you @

    for providing code and/or guidance.

    This is a feedback thread, constructive criticism is welcome. You can request features, report inconsistencies and share themes.
    Let me know what you think and have fun!

  • Community Manager

    Huge congrats @luetage ! This is really amazing. We tested it internally and love it! ❤
    Thank you 🙏
    Here's one of my favorite:
    0_1501245335803_Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 14.34.36.png

  • @luetage You are seriously good! Thanks for this community gift. 🤗

  • Moderator

    Very nice. Thanks!

  • Yes, thank you very much.

    Cheers, mib

  • Moderator

    @mib2berlin But strange that you set as developer's website in upload of Google Store.

  • @Gwen-Dragon, hi, I don´t understand what you are talking about.
    My englisch is a bit rusty. 🔧

    Cheers, mib

  • Moderator

    @mib2berlin said in Vivaldi Forum mod:

    @Gwen-Dragon, hi, I don´t understand what you are talking about.
    My englisch is a bit rusty. 🔧

    Gwen Dragon is waiting … talking 🇩🇪 😉
    Gehe bitte auf, dort iset der Link Website und das ist normalerweise die Website des Entwicklers und oben bei "angeboten von luetage" auch
    Somit ist der Ersteller der Erweiterung schwer zu identifizieren und nicht jeder traut sowas zu installieren.
    Hätte je sein können, das beim Upload was schief ging.

  • All clear now. 🙂

    Cheers, mib

  • @Gwen-Dragon On the dashboard it isn't called developer's website, but "Link to website for your item", that's why I assumed for an extension it should be the site it is running on?

    But no idea, If you think linking to Vivaldi forum looks malicious I'll take the link down.

  • Moderator

    @luetage said in Vivaldi Forum mod:

    If you think linking to Vivaldi forum looks malicious I'll take the link down.

    Hmm, that is your extension. Do not understand wrong, i like your work! 🏆 🏆 🏆

    If i see a program from a unknown developer and see the link Website i expect a URL to the developers website, not to a big forum. As unknown devs can create extensions stealing data or injecting ads it is useful to know who is the developer of the extension.
    But that is my trust procedure i use.

  • Oh yeah, I have to admit I never clicked this link on any extension before. It turns out most developers link to a webpage dedicated to the extension. Since this would be useless for a forum extension I'll just take it down.

  • Moderator

    @luetage Ah, i see you removed it.

  • Moderator

    Awesome 😍 thanks 🙂 🙂

  • Moderator

  • Sweet - now reading with dark background - I really love it 😃

  • Submitting DarkGrey and updating LightGrey

  • Amazing! Thank you very much.

  • There is one thing that irritates me a bit. When I click on "Reply" after the last post or hit reply to the last post and the text field pops up I can scroll down below the last post in the forum anymore. Most times I need this to quote some part of a post or reread something.

    Without the extension this does work - or I screwed up the extensions settings that could be an option too.
    I've set the forum mod to Sprucy Bonus Dark; Autohide header at scroll; Last Edit Time Stamp.

    Any ideas?

    EDIT: pics to show what I mean - both times I clicked on the reply button to my own post - than scrolled down as much as possible.
    EDIT 2: Oh, I made some pics for ants - sorry for that. I fear you'll need to enlarge them to see something 😰


  • Yeah, thanks for reporting this. It has nothing to do with auto-hide header on scroll, it works if you set the theme to standard. But it doesn't work if you select any of the custom themes. I don't know yet what is causing it, since the standard theme is also loaded from the extension. Will look into this a bit later. For now you can simply click the round composer button at the bottom right, which will hide the whole composer. There will be an update to the extension soon, hopefully I find out what is causing this by then.


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