The Browser is having issues in redirecting HTTP Requests to HTTPS?

  • It's been a nightmare of mine from quite sometime and here I was thinking if something was wrong with my Web Hosting and after checking my domain on Chrome I can clearly see that the problem is with Vivaldi Browser. I nearly started loving the Browser but this issue broke my heart and now I am thinking about switching back to Chrome.

    When visiting a site through HTTP which was supposed to be redirected to HTTPS so instead of redirecting the site to HTTPS. The request gets stucked in there and the site is not loaded instead and the request timeouts.

    And not just with my Domain I am having the same issue with YouTube as when I typed and press enter for visiting the site so the request got stuck in there and the site was not redirecting to HTTPS unless when I explicitly wrote it like and so then only the site opened which is a serious issue.

    Which needs to be fixed!

    Umair Shah Yousafzai

  • @nicefellow1234 Seems to work fine here, both, in the snapshots and in the stable versions.
    I even typed in (<- without the s) and got immediately redirected to the secure site.

    Any extensions like e.g. "https everywhere" running which might interfere?

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    No, my Vivaldi 1.10 and 1.11 redirects to SSL on youtube .com.

    HSTS works.

    Which Vivaldi and Windows do you use?

  • It works now but the problem appears from time to time not like always. So it must be some sort of bug which comes and goes.

    @QuHno I am not using any HTTPS Extensions except Only Adsblocker Plus & Browsec in some rare cases.

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    May be some proxy/security/antivirus/firewall program is intercepting your connection?


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