Bug Report: Can't maximize window from taskbar

  • Hi,

    I have a very annoying problem with the browser that has chased me through several versions.
    I can't maximize window from the Windows taskbar on session restore after Windows restart.

    To reproduce you will need:

    • Windows 10
    • 2 monitors
    • Windows taskbar settings:
      -- Show taskbar on all displays: On
      -- Show taskbar buttons on: Taskbar where windows is open
      -- Combine buttons on other taskbars: Never


    1. Open browser window on each monitor.
    2. Load some pages on both.
    3. Open Windows task manager and kill the Vivaldi application (or restart Windows).
    4. Open Vivaldi again.

    Now you can't maximize one of Vivaldi windows. It just stays minimized in taskbar.
    In additional, sometime then you open new window after that, you can't maximize it either.

    It would be great if you can fix that.
    Thank you.

  • Pretty much same issue in Snapshot latest build. Single monitor and when i open single instance it won't maximize and just stay in taskbar. If i open second instance it maximize and then i can close first unresponsive instance. Might be a bug with windows 10 ?

    L.E. What is weird is that in Stable Vivaldi build i am not having this issue. I even tried without extensions, clean reinstall, new profile... you name it and same issue on Snapshot build. Installed for like 3 days and yesterday evening started to give me this bug and as a workaround i use what i said above. I hope it can be fixed in next builds. Keep up the good work Devs.

  • I have that issue on two different machines and it reproduces always.


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