Error when Searching in Adressbar

  • Encountered an error.
    Somehow i had a duplicate Yahoo search entry, on with Nickname/Shortcut "y" one without any.

    If you search for a search term with a leading space (happens when copy/pasting text) it will Result in an error page.

    e.g: "This site can’t be reached

    server%20performance%20visits’s server DNS address could not be found.
    Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.

    To recreate:

    • remove the shortcut from a search-engine
    • enter [space]Mysearchterm
    • Encounter the errorpage

    Search for "Mysearchterm" using default Searchengine

    (Running latest snapshot)
    Reported as (VB-30521) Having a searchengine without shortcut results in errors when searchterm starts with Whitespace

  • Cant reproduce with 1.10 Stable and Yahoo.

    Did you remove the duplicate entry and change the nickt of Yahoo search.

  • Can't recreate. Works for me.

  • My advice is to remove double entries and reset searches to default.

  • Yes i removed the double entry, resetored defaults, but can recreate when removing the nick from an entry.
    So problem is having a search engine with no nickname and then searching with a leading space.
    Solution could be "remove trailing spaces" or use default search engine when having search term with leading space" instead of using search engine with no nickname

  • @JanS. said in Error when Searching in Adressbar:


    Bug is in 1.10 Stable and 1.11 Snapshot.
    Confirmed by me in bugtracker.

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