Modify behavior of keyboard's browser media key

  • I'm testing out Vivaldi after years of using Firefox. Currently, I can use my keyboard's browser media key to open Firefox if it isn't or to go to my home page if it is open. I set Vivaldi as my default browser and the "open if not already open" works fine, but I get a new instance of Vivaldi instead of going to my home page if I hit the key while the browser is already open. Is there any way to prevent that?

  • @spartanhooah Vote for the feature request already made by nutcracker.

    @nutcracker said in Feature requests for 1.11:

    Only one instance (only one window) of Vivaldi active

  • Eh, while that technically would do what I want, it's not a very good way of doing it. I would like to be able to have multiple instances at times. But if it isn't a feature currently, I'll write up a feature request there. Thanks.

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