how to export bookmark

  • it seems vivaldi have only bookmark importing function from others, but no exporting function. If install Vivaldi on another computer, there is no way to sync bookmark between two computers

  • @eric613 Hi Eric. What are you actually asking about -- export or sync? They're not the same thing.

    For sync, it's still being developed & tested, so it's a future goodie for us.

    For export, we have that now:

    Furthermore, if your other computer uses any chromium-based browser, not only Vivaldi, you can manually copy across your tabs, bookmarks, history etc, with your file manager [in this pic i've selected files for V to V, but if to a non-V, you'd want to not include Notes & Preferences]:

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  • @Steffie thks your reply, now i know the export function is under file menu

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