How do I stop this from showing up?

  • I'm already logged in but it still pops up.

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    @NeoNoctis What extensions do you use?

  • @NeoNoctis This might happen if you don't allow 3rd party cookies because the central login to the site uses a different subdomain.

    If you use an extension that blocks 3rd party cookies whitelist the vivaldi domains and including their subdomains (refer to the documentation of the extension how to do that).

    If you block them in the Vivaldi settings, you can either allow them all (which you probably don't want), or whitelist the vivaldi domains like this:

    • click on the security badge in the address bar
    • click on the link at the bottom saying "Site settings"
    • click on the triangle behind "Cookies" to show that.
    • click on "ADD" behind "Allow"

    Add these entries including the square brackets and the asterisks:

    ... and, for good measure: Don't forget to check the "keep me logged in" checkbox - but I assume you already did that :)
    Does that help with your problem?

  • @Ayespy I'm using adguard, tampermonkey, and https everywhere

  • @QuHno Cookies are already enabled. The website is

  • @NeoNoctis Oh, OK, I thought it were here, but the basic principle of whitelisting stays the same :)

    Did you try to disable adguard temporarily in vivaldi://extensions to check if that causes trouble?
    Sometimes such blockers are a bit too eager, maybe it blocks something that is important for the page ...

    If that does not help: Try the same with the other extensions.

  • @QuHno I added it to the whitelist and disabled all my extensions and its still showing up.

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    @NeoNoctis Disabling extensions may not be enough. You may have to refresh your profile. Also, you said cookies are enabled. Are you sure 3rd party cookies are enabled? Aliexpress is a subsidiary of Alibaba, and it may need access to both domains at once.

    Unfortunately, I won't be able to test it, because you could not pay me to sign up for Aliexpress or Alibaba.

  • @Ayespy I refreshed my profile and it still shows up but after that it ask me if I wanted to automatically sign in on supported websites. This time I clicked on no but it stills shows up. I also installed chrome to see if it shows up there and it did.

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