Feature requests for a person who likes to keep things minimal

  • I love Vivaldi, I really do. So much in fact that I ended up entirely changing my browsing habits by entirely removing the tab bar, url bar, status bar and bookmarks bar (see attachment 1), the only part of the UI that is still present is the one with the little buttons to close, minimise and maximise the window. One thing that I'd like to see would be the ability to turn it off as well since it's pretty much useless now (at least when using OS X's fullscreen mode). However, the browser is still far from being really fully usable that way and there are a few things that I miss including the ability to close tabs directly from the Quick Commands view (attachment 2, with a little cross button appearing when you put your cursor on the tab's icon, for instance) instead of having to switch to that tab and hit cmd/ctrl+w. I'd also like the ability to copy the url of the current page without having to turn the url bar on, maybe something in the right-click menu... Anyway, I really love what you're doing and how much customisation you're offering us, I've seen some people sticking to the default settings, others having the panels on all the time and the tabs on the side and some others, like me, who turn almost everything off. There's so much potential in Vivaldi, keep up the good work. Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/33434/ScreenShot2015-03-05at3.42.22am.png[/img],[img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/33434/ScreenShot2015-03-05at3.48.59am.png[/img]

  • (I just noticed I was posting in the Windows section and I don't know how to move the topic to the general (or OSX ?) section, I hope it's okay, sorry)

  • If you edit the first post in the thread, I think you can move it yourself.


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