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  • I have developed a problem with the browser in that the web pages are not not filling the browser. There is a 3 to 4 inch black border to the right and bottom. Any ideas?

  • @jumiclads not yet seen. Does it happen on all pages?
    If not: Can you provide a sample URL?

  • @QuHno Yes it happens on every page even this forum.0_1501182943980_web page error.JPG

  • @jumiclads outch.
    Which Vivaldi version?

    Can you for a test rename your profile (user data) folder to see if it happens with a clean profile too?
    To rename

    • look up where your profile is located in Help > About
    • close Vivaldi
    • rename it
    • start Vivaldi.

    A new clean profile will be created.

    If everything is OK then, something in your normal profile is broken and we need to find out what.

  • I have found that if I close the browser leaving the tabs open then restart it , the page then is filling the browser and any subsequent pages I open are ok. Would you believe it I have closed it again and now it seems ok at the moment but it has been doing this all day till just.

    I will keep watching this and if it returns I will try what you say and let you know. It may happen again once I restart my PC. ??

  • @jumiclads Well, it shouldn't because it doesn't here, but there is always the chance that it is a real bug and not only a hickup (which shouldn't happen too, but ... </sigh>)

  • Restarted PC and tried browser and its now working fine. Weird eh!

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