Will There be a Vivaldi Manual?

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    Vivaldi is growing and over time I expect there will be loads of features, settings, options, shortcuts, etc. etc. Keeping track of them all will be brutal :S (even now I don't know them all) without some sort of centralized repository or manual. Scouring the forum to learn of the above is time consuming (not that searching is a bad thing) and inefficient and still the user is prone to miss things. Does anyone have thoughts on whether a manual, knowledge base or repository of some sort will be created to address the above?

  • I think there should be.
    People brave enough to be using a technical preview at this point are either coming from Opera 12 and should feel somehow at home or feeling exploratory enough to find about the features by themselves.

    When things get to the point of a beta or final release, most of the features should be explained and documented in some way, but doing it from now on may be time wasted.

  • Any new information about a manual or equivalent?

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    @northmadison - there is the Vivaldi Knowledgebase - https://help.vivaldi.com/knowledgebase/
    and a website built by users/supporters - https://vivalditips.com/

    Both of these sites will continue to be developed and filled out with additional information for users.

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    The Vivaldi knowledge base can be opened with F1 key.
    I think the knowledge base will grow an get more information.

    A manual would be much work, bute the resources the Vivaldi team are not big enough to write such manuals. It is time costly to write good manuals and you need good writers for manuals. As i saw over the years most programmers do not write good dokumentation.
    And think about this: only one manual in english language would not be enough and exclude others.

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    @Gwen-Dragon - All good points. Especially the fact that translating Help is, in and of itself, a huge task.


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