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  • (I'm sorry I do not speak English, I use google translation may not be accurate expression.) I would like to add a requirement, "Vivaldi browser feature requests poll" Not mentioned. I am a junior software developer, Writing software is completely out of interest. I write software that almost took over my computer system. Until last year, I've been using opera(Presto). When not compatible with more pages, I started looking for other browsers. I did not choose chromium although it is very fast, but it does not customization, I can not interact with it, you can not control it. IE is a good choice, I can use the COM interface, complete control over it. However, my last choice is Firefox. Because of this extensions: mozrepl It allows complete control of external software Firefox. It is difficult to imagine mozrepl brought me much surprise I even do not need to install additional extensions example Batch save pictures, batch download, capture video, such extensions Can send a command from the outside. I look forward to you to know just how extraordinary mozrepl and look forward vivaldi similar functionality can be built-in. now vivaldi in larvae stage, its function is not comprehensive, I can not put as default browser, vivaldi if the same function can be built mozrepl, I will officially use it, like opera went back to my world. UserJS+UserCSS+mozrepl Not inferior to any browser. Use mozrepl Such as "Vivaldi browser feature requests poll" The list of features Many can be easily realized At least similar "close right tabs" "close other tabs" can be easily realized using hotkeys. I look forward to Vivaldi custom freer, more expect more interactive control. Thank vivaldi inherited opera, I love opera, I love vivaldi. mozrepl: https://github.com/bard/mozrepl/wiki

  • Especially for Linux, Opera 12 had all those -remote commands which allowed a great deal of control over tabs you had opened from a script (but not tabs the user opened from the UI); obviously it would be nice to have that kind of facility in Vivaldi.

  • This issue will be considered, or is being ignored? Thanks.

  • @Arcticir:

    This issue will be considered, or is being ignored? Thanks.

    I believe the best way answer that is to observe Vivialdi's feature poll. You may see some of your requests there if they are considering.


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