1Password still no worky

  • So I've searched these forums and found a few posts pertaining to problems with 1Password but have yet to find a solution. Here is where I am at. Everytime I try using 1Password I am met with this message
    0_1501160939557_Screenshot 2017-07-27 07.56.25.png
    I've restarted Vivaldi. I have deleted the extension and reinstalled. I have installed the beta, quit 1Password mini restarted and still the problem persists. I am using Vivaldi 1.10.867.48 and running Mac OS 10.12.6. Now if I go up to 1Password Mini I see this
    0_1501161209707_Screenshot 2017-07-27 08.02.50.png. I just opened Chrome installed the same extension and it works right away. This works on every major browser except Vivaldi and as this is a fairly widely used extension I'm not sure why the problem. Thanks for any help.

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