Alternatives to Vivaldi notes

  • Even if Vivaldi notes will soon sync, do miss feature to simply grab a note to insert into an email (with text and url link in one shot)).
    Any note taking app alternatives that can do this for Vivaldi?

  • Providentially, Cintanotes has upgraded its app to work side by side with open applications. It even preserves its size. So now, i can open it side by side with Vivaldi, in a quick click copy/paste anything everywhere and it is synced with Simplenotes. Yay!

  • TiddlyWiki works fairly well from a sidebar if you can overlook the saving mechanism hassle.

  • Imho, Cintanotes still has the upper-hand over Tiddlywiki.
    One click suffices in CN to capture selected text + url from a web page.
    Another click to give this info. a tag and that's it.
    It is automatically synced to Simplenotes and readily accessible on Android.

  • I use Nimbus Notes to have classic Opera's notes functionality 😜

  • @Piter432 -interesting.
    Does it have exporting capabilities?

  • Just stumbled into Tagspaces again, had totally forgotten about it.
    It is a file manager of sorts with tagging capabilities, but so happens to also function as a note taking application too. That includes a web clipping extension for Firefox and Chrome alike.

    It works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Firefox and Android.

  • @duarte-framos I'm just trying out tagspaces myself. The chrome webclipper seems to mostly work, with the priviso that the save-as dialog never appears. Seems to be the one difference between chrome and vivaldi functionality. I suspect it might be that the internal API function for saving a file from an extension doesn't check the always save to default download location.


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