How to increase max width for vertical tab container?

  • I'm using vertical tabs (on the left). I can resize the tab container, but maximal width is restricted to 260px. Is there any hidden setting to relax this limitation? Often tab container is too narrow and cannot fit the page title.

  • I think this is a hard-coded value. You might be able to hack it using a custom script or css, but it might be better to submit it as a feature request.

  • Well, of course it's coded, and you can change it with a custom modification.

    Code: #tabs-container.right, #tabs-container.right .tab-position {width: 500px !important}

    The only downside is that I haven't been able to set the maximum width, but only a fixed value. So after setting this you won't be able to resize the tabs container. If you use tabs on the left exchange right for left in above code.

  • @luetage , thank you for response. I tried to play with modifications, but the CSS structure is too complex, and I'm not that good at web technologies to accomplish the task. Also, hardcoding a different value doesn't solve the problem. I need to maintain dynamic nature of the tab container. It's just the max width is annoyingly narrow.


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